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09 September 2004, 05:07 PM
Hi all.. I'm using maya 5.01 and I'm having fun with a scene.
It's a glass object (a glass vase) and a diffuse object as gound. I'm using dielectric for the glass and also dgs for the ground. Everything looks ok (GI/FG) even with some diffuse objects inside my vase.

as i wanted to make separated passes for the objects and the background, I turned off primary visibility for the ground. I know the alpha isn't working correctly (unless you check export with shading engine and opaque in the SG node of your maya shader). This won't give you a semi-transparent surface, only a solid alpha (just a matte =/ ). The funniest part was those diffuse objects inside the vase : visibility was animated (yeah, prune visible parts) but still visible in refractions/reflections :) and this is not animatable. Let's add deformations now (flare/bend). If i render one frame looks ok (deformation only) but rendering the whole sequence fails to compute deformations.

I've turned on/off/on export deformation (performance in render globals) ,export exact hierarchy and seems like now deformation is rendering (alpha channel shows fantastic rectangle-shaped holes). In another thread I read about scanline and checking raytrace
but nothing changes.

This is really weird and I wonder if someone else has seen something like this.

09 September 2004, 07:22 PM
nevermind. I'll write my own.

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