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09 September 2004, 12:25 AM
I was hoping someone here might have the solution to the problem I've been running into. I work in Photoshop 7 doing digital illustration and I'm finding that my Illustrations look great on my machine, but can look very different on another, or in print, or even on the same machine when viewed from a web browser. Now I know that Photoshop has a lot of ways to handle color management and color indexing, but I'm having a hard time finding out which options to use for various end results. I realize this might be an in depth answer, so if anyone can point me in the right direction to look, or if you know of a good online reference I'd be forever in your debt. Currently I think I just use the "no color management" option, for lack of an understanding of which others are best.

09 September 2004, 04:15 AM
"Photoshop Masterclass" by John Paul Caponigro goes into colour management in depth.

09 September 2004, 05:08 AM
Hey Dweller, hope this helps!! When you view images on a monitor each monitor is going to produce a some what small difference in the color. I have been doing color correction work for a while now in the print media, and the first thing all my clients ask me first is "The colors look different in print than on my monitor. Well that is because of 3 things: 1. Monitors produce colors by light RGB if the light is adjusted different then you get a different look, and 2. When you print something on a standard printer it is usually printing by how the color looks on the monitor if it is incorrect I would try adjusting the monitor to the prints you get off a "Standard Printer" and 3. which also has to deal with the printing. If you are printing on a big press or a local printer chances are they are printing in CMYK which uses actual ink to produce your prints.

Hope this helps


09 September 2004, 07:58 AM

sRGB is the closest RGB space to images viewed on the web.

09 September 2004, 12:51 AM
Thanks for all the help. I tried out the links in the sticky thread. Good information there, a combination of stuff I knew and stuff I didn't. The problem I was running into was images appearing either way too dark/not enough contrast or way too light/ to much contrast compared to how they were created. I'll change my settings to what was recommended in the sticky posts link and hopefully that will have an impact.

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