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08 August 2004, 09:43 PM
Hi everyone!

just discovered that the "triple switch utility" is not working properly under MentalRay for Maya. It works fine as long as I have one shader assigned to whole objects and use the triple switch to assign a different texture to each.
But as soon as I assign one shader to the objects and then afterwards assign the triple-switch-using-shader to some faces of the objects, it will render fine in Maya software renderer but in MentalRay it will only give me the triple switch's default color, nothing more.

here's a small scene to illustrate the problem, if you render once in maya_sw and once in mr_maya you'll see what I mean.
file (

Any workaround for this except splitting up the objects?
any help appreciated, thanks a lot!

what I always wanted to say:
Jozvex, francescaluce, Pixero, bigMuh, and all the other ones I forgot, biggest thanks for your help and contributions to the mayaMray universe, Alias should pay you half of my maintenance :) ...

08 August 2004, 11:54 PM
You said one shader for objects.(plural = 2, or more) I don't render much, but I think you need 1 shader per object in MR. For some reason I seem to think you cant use 1 MR shader for a floor, and a sphere. (objects) I could be wrong, and probably am. Like I said. I don't actually render that much right now. I just do quick test renders to check my sh*t. .

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