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08 August 2004, 07:41 PM
i have an extra one and i'm selling for $150

its currnetly on ebay for more but if some one from cgtalk wants before i get any bids i'll stop the auction.

here a list of whats in it:

This 5-part series of in-depth instructional videos and example scenes covers the essentials of production using SOFTIMAGE|XSI. This collection of DVDs focuses on mastering the tools and concepts in XSI that will help you to take your digital artistry to the next level. (To purchase the DVDs individually, click here.) 1- Rendering concepts for XSI (4 hrs 50 mins) Master XSI rendering technology and achieve optimal rendering performance as well as outstanding image quality with this complete set of fundamental concepts that explain how raytracing internals work. Topics include: Anti-aliasing and Adaptive Sampling Motion Blur BSP Tree Displacement Maps GPU surface FX Render Map*high to low res Render Map*Bump Mapping Render Map*multiple objects to individual maps Render Map*multiple objects to single map Optimizing Render map using unique UVs Scenes and Documentation 2- Rendering in XSI (6 hrs) Create stunning visual effects and photorealistic rendered images with this complete overview of Render Pass and Render Tree concepts in XSI. Topics include: Render Tree Basics Render Tree Techniques Creating Effects with the Gradient Shader Elliptical Filtering Bump Mapping Lighting Final Gathering Render Passes Explained Render Passes in Use Scenes and Documentation 3- Animating in XSI (6 hrs) Discover how to maximize the power of the non-linear animation tools in XSI by gaining a deeper understanding of the key components found in this cutting edge toolset. Topics include: Animation structures Transformations Animation mixing Sources and Clips Shape animation Audio Constraints Skeletons Enveloping Character rigs Character development kit Character deformation Setups Scenes 4- Modeling & Texturing (7 hrs 50 mins) Create models faster and more efficiently while maintaining the flexibility to make changes at anytime by mastering the renowned modeling tools and workflow in XSI. Topics include: Selection Manipulation Components General Modeling Modifiers and Deforms Surfaces and Curves Object Tools Materials and Textures Texture and Layer Editor Scenes and Documentation 5- Simulation (5 hrs) Through both introductory and production examples, you will learn how to create stunning effects by using the very extensive and flexible Simulation tools in XSI, including Rigid Body Dynamics, Hair and Particles. Topics include: Rigid Body Dynamics: Introduction Rigid Body Dynamics: Concepts Rigid Body Dynamics Rigs Hair Concepts & Workflow Hair Examples Pipeline Optimization Particle Introduction Particle Concepts Particle Examples Scenes and Documentation



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