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08 August 2004, 08:48 AM
reading the xsi tips n tricks thread and was wondering how do i go abt setting property sets?

read xsi help and don't find much .. just get custom parameters

08 August 2004, 05:41 PM
Parameter > New custom parameter set

Have you tries typing "custom parameter" in the search page of the online manual?:

Custom and Proxy Parameters

Custom parameters are parameters that you create for your own purpose. Proxy parameters are linked copies of other parameters that you can add to your own custom parameter sets.

You can:

Create custom parameter sets to hold your custom and proxy parameters.
Create custom parameters.
Connect custom parameters using expressions, parameter linking, or scripted operators to control any aspect of your scene.
Make proxies of existing parameters to create your own simplified property editors.
Display custom and proxy parameter information in the viewports.

For information about custom parameters on components like points and polygons, see User Data on page 311.

What Are Custom and Proxy Parameters?

Custom Parameters

Custom parameters are parameters that you create for any specific animation purpose you want. You typically create a custom parameter then connect it to other parameters using expressions or linked parameters. You can then use the sliders in the custom parameter setís property editor to drive the connected parameters in your scene.

For example, you can use a set of sliders in a property editor to drive the pose of a character instead of creating a virtual control panel using 3D objects.


Proxy Parameters

Proxy parameters are similar to custom parameters, but with a fundamental difference. Custom parameters drive target parameters, but they are still separate and different parameters. This means that when you set keyframes, you key the custom parameter and not the driven parameter.

So what do you do when you want to drive the actual parameter or expose only certain parameters to build a custom property editor? You can use proxy parameters.

Unlike custom parameters, proxy parameters are actually cloned parameters: they reflect the data of another parameter in the scene. Any operation done on a proxy parameter has the same result as if it had been done on the real parameter itself (change a value, save a key, etc.).

Custom Parameter Sets

Both custom and proxy parameters need to live in custom parameter sets. The sets provide you with a way of grouping and naming parameters that belong together, like creating your own property editor. You can create custom parameter sets associated to objects, models, groups, or the scene root.

and so on...............

09 September 2004, 06:28 PM
know abt custom parameters.. is that wht u were refering to as property sets?

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