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08 August 2004, 08:25 AM

does someone know, how to use the lightmap shaders from the base lib?

I connected the mib_lightmap_sample.outValue to mib_lightmap_write.input, mentalRayTexture (with writeable on ).message to mib_lightmap_write.texture and a mib_texture_vector.outValue to mib_lightmap_write.coord. I put mib_lightmap_write as a lightmap shader in a lambert shading group.

The scene is rendered, but no lightmap is created.

In Debug Mode the following appeared:

API 0.0 debug: local writable color texture mentalrayTexture1
LIB 0.0 debug: searching for file "c:/temp/test" in "{_MI_REG_TEXTURE};/usr/local/mi/texture;."
LIB 0.0 debug: substitute: apply to c:/temp/test
LIB 0.0 debug: registry lookup: "c:/temp/test" -> "c:/temp/test"
LIB 0.0 debug: search: trying to open raw file "c:/temp/test"
LIB 0.0 debug: registry lookup: "c:/temp/test" -> "c:/temp/test"
LIB 0.0 debug: {_MI_REG_TEXTURE};/usr/local/mi/texture;.: registry entry {_MI_REG_TEXTURE} not found

Does I have to specify _MI_REG_TEXTURE ?If yes, where?


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