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08 August 2004, 02:21 AM
First of all, all of us involved in the film were < 19, homeschooled students (I'm 17 next September). I live in the USA (I did about 95% of the compositing and effects shots) and my friends who actually filmed the movie live in Canada. This is actually their first film with dialog.

What we want from you:
Criticise everything. The bad acting, the cutting, the bad FX work, Story telling, etc. We know it's a bit corny, but point it out to us anyway. Be brutal.

The Files (CODEC: DIVX):

Small - The Thousand Yard Stare (Whole) ( -- (~83 MB)
Large - The Thousand Yard Stare (Whole) ( -- (~254 MB)

Sorry about the not so great audio and prop quality. We are quite poor. :)

*cowe'lltakedonationswithnocomplaintsthoughgh* ;)

Summary of the post effects I did:

252 flashes.
2 Explosions (one scene is completely CGI)
1 CGI plane scene
For the completely CGI explosion, I had to create the set I was going to blow up, here are two of the test renders:

Test 1 (, Test2 (

Here is a shot with the CGI Planes:

Planes (

If you want, you can download a very badly compressed test of the flashes (in the movie they actually correspond with his movements and sound, this was just a color test):

Muzzle Flash Test (

Well, a few other notes first I guess. This movie was nothing but a pain in the @ss; tons of things went wrong (computer crashes, scene corruptions, etc.) One of the biggest problems was that the people who filmed the movie and me ive 1000K miles apart. In trying to transfer the damn movie, my server deleted my account for hosting copyrighted material. Total BS, that was. They ended up just sending a DVD.

After that, when I went to add in the visual effects, After Effects didn't have a sound chart so I had to get the sound points from where the sound clips were inserted in the premiere file which my friend in Canada (the guys who filmed this) thankfully had. A lot of it was still guesswork though.

Most of the work was done in two weeks once everything got sorted out (sorting out took about 2.5 months). The big explosion (all crappy CGI :| ) was done in two days of work.

Between people started clamouring for this movie, me being sick of it, and school starting, I decided to release it as is. My particle work sucks so the explosions weren't gonna get much better so I figured I'd just release it like it was. Overall, I'm highly dissapointed with my work on the film.

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