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08 August 2004, 03:19 PM
Hey guys and gals! I've been trying to work on animation loops and would like to hear what my fellow cgtalkers think. The work is being done in Maya 5 with software rendering.

[All files are .mp4, so please bust out Quicktime Player]

The focus here is character animation, but any comments and crits are welcome!


EDIT: Please check out the latest versions posted at the end of the thread!

08 August 2004, 06:47 PM
Hey Game-Boi,

I glanced at all of them and it looks nice overall. I only got to check out the jump in detail so here's some things I noticed that might make it better:

his spine and head straighten up a couple frames later than they could to give the jump more of a push up. Also, his hands come down too early when the body is coming down. Give some follow through to the arms and make them rise up as he's coming down, then come down after he lands. His spine and head start bending in before he lands. You could give more weight to the land by giving them some more follow through and having them start bending in after landing.

I'll try and give you some feedback on the other ones later tonight.

08 August 2004, 07:09 PM
Nice! I really liked the push and pull ones although with the pull one I think it should start with that really energetic pull (which was great) then gradually become easier as he gains momentum.

I felt the climb needed more of a sense of him pulling himself up. It feels more like him going up a ladder at an angle rather than a vertical climb.

The run was good - no crits

The jump was good but towards the end his arm movement looked a bit uncontrolled.
Overall very solid animation

08 August 2004, 02:36 PM
Thanks for the feedback Andrewley and neonoodle! This was exactly what i needed. I'll get to work on making some of those changes tonight or tomorrow!


08 August 2004, 09:59 PM
Hey, Game-Boi!

The one problem I can see that stays fairly consistant through these animations is the way you lift the feet. You never actually get up on the toes. Before you pull the foot off the ground, rotate up on the toes, even if it's just for a frame or two. I whipped up a real quick-and-dirty gif of some keys (it's much easier to show it than to write about it):
Your animations have very stiff ankles. Loosening those up would help a lot, I think.

He's just pulling with his upper back, but it looks like he should be putting his whole body into it. Try rotating the hips back right at the beginning of the pull, and then put his back into it. The recoil after the pull is a bit extreme; it looks like he's pulling himself back toward the block. I'd say slow that down and take out a lot of the follow through. He should be relaxing after the pull instead of yanking himself back into position. His knees are a bit bouncy on the recoil, which takes away from the effort he's putting into pulling. See if you can take out the bounce (this is the part I hate about working with IK: removing unnecesary arcs from IK joints). The head looks good, and I like the stretch on the arms.

The back sway isn't working for me, but I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe try arching the back a little earlier. The leg pops into full extension and stays there for 6 frames, then it pops out again. Try and smooth that out, and fix the feet (see above).

The run cycle looks pretty good. The feet kick up really quickly, which could work for some cartoony/stylized animation, but looks kind of strange here. The arms also pop into their forward extension very quickly. Try and slow that out a bit.

As andrewly said, there is no sense of weight. Bend his back a little from side to side, speed up the hands and feet between frames, and reduce the head bob. You might even want to make him sway from side to side a little, but don't put too much of that in there or he'll feel even more weightless. Also, play with the timing of how he lifts his body up from rung to rung. Stop him from dipping back down right after he lifts. Also, fix the feet.

I think neonoodle covered the jump pretty well. The only thing I've got to add is (of course) for the feet. Let the legs come to full extension before lifting the feet off the ground. Point the feet down right after the come off the ground, and keep them pointed down until just after he starts coming back down. Most people can't bend their ankles the way your character does, and it kinda hurts to look at that. :argh:

You've got a pretty good start on these. I thought the pull was your best one. Nice and cartoony. Keep it up!

Man, I never can post a short crit...

09 September 2004, 08:34 PM
Hey everyone! I've been tweaking and editing these loops to make them better. Would love some more feedback.

(all the files are .mp4 | this means you need to play them in Quicktime Player)

Thanks guys!


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