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08 August 2004, 07:40 AM
Hi everybody,

1)Issit any way to align my Selected Points to be in the same "row" or same coordinate like what we got in Adobe illustrator/flash program. Almost all the time, my objects's points look diffrnt on the left compare to the right after some scaling jobs.

2) Can i knw how to Move the COG of Selected Surface?

3) How to CLOSE a open cube??

4)One more irritating problem.. After apply "shaded" on my model. The model got many crispy darky broken pieces. THis haf Block my eyes to see How smooth is a rendering. I haf to use "Q" render region to get a details smooth model impression.
I had press F5 to refresh. It doesnt make any diffrnce at all. I closed the file. Re-open, the problem still remains. Restart PC oso the same situation.

THX! Hope i can further my modelling days after figure out the above problems.thx!!

08 August 2004, 11:34 AM
1: Select your point (or other component) and scale with COG option and type 0 in the transform field of scale axis you want to align. After you can type a translation value for coordinate.

2: Do you mean the pivot point or "center" as it is called in xsi? Then go to the right bar and click "center" icon and translate, rotate your center. You can also use temporary pivot by holding the alt button and moving around while you tansform.
If you mean moving the center to the center of your object, use Transform>Move center to vertices/bounding box.

3: If you mean a polygon cube, easyest way is to use N button (create polygon), if you use it on a mesh it will close the surface.

4: never had this problem, maybe a grafic card issue.

08 August 2004, 05:55 PM
1) There is some tool you can get to get this job done, or some scripting.
2) There is a COG button on the transform panel, under the global one.
3) Be more accurate, a cube is a 6 faced object... :P
4) To easily fix this, set your camera point on the side of the camera top thing, with the middle button it should set it to and orange square then press R to reset then press on the orange square with your left mouse button and everything should come back nice again :D

09 September 2004, 03:01 AM
hi hi..thx for the reply!...U guys solved most of my pro!

For the Center of selected surface.. I still cannot figure it out.....Normally, when we click on surface the "center' button will be embedded(cannot be click anymore).

anyone knw how to translate a Center of Selected surface?

Any Idea how to ensure my multiple selected object are scaling to the same size?
Eg, to create many window frames on a Straight Tall building. Sometimes, it looks fine. But it's not all the time all of my scaling job is 100% doin perfect in the same method.
(This will probably solved my "ALignment for the points" problem)

THX THX!!... Now i like "N"!! alot ...haha....

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