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08 August 2004, 01:19 PM
Hello to all,

i'm going to follow an example of the Character Animation book, by jae-jiin choi, but i have some problem to setup the UVS of the human face previously modeled :

i have modeled one half of the face (SubSurf), assign the UVS and then mirror the model to do the other half side. This new side have its UVS assigned properly but it is not flipped, it lies in the original position (the other side). To flip this UVS, the book says to select UVS in Poligonal Proxy Mode and then Scale it with the value of -1 to turn it. I do this correctly but when I re-select the half face back in the Standard mode, the UVS are still turned (like to the beginning). Then I have Uvs assigned properly in the poligonal Proxy Mode but wrong in the Standard mode.

How can I do to share original UVS ?

To better understand (my english is BAd, I know) I attach you some shots:

1. mirrored face with still original UVS
2. after flip UVS in ProxyMode
3. back in Standard Mode but no UVS flipped.
I hope someone can help me

Thanks anyway.

Jan Svalland
08 August 2004, 02:51 PM
Both your UV halves are on top of each other. If you select one uv in the UV Texture Editor and then click Select->Select Shell, u should be able to move only one of the halves. You could also select all the uvs and perform a Polygons->Layout UVs
I think this should work :)

08 August 2004, 05:06 PM
i have not understood very well

1. what mean :" Both your UV halves are on top of each other " ?
2. if I select 1 uv and then click Select->Select Shell, i selected just a few uv (5 or 6) not one of the halves,
but anyway i'm be able to select the uvs (in polyproxy or standard mode)properly, but my problem is that i can't store them in the right position when I attach the two sides of the face.

thanks for reply


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