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08 August 2004, 06:45 AM

I think this might be my first post so go easy on me if I've broken any rules...

I just wanna know some recommendations for setting up blueprints/backgroud modelling references in XSI.
I usually create texture mapped planes, but they can be a pain to accurately size and position relating to the other images, amongst other things...

I've tried to use rotoscopy, as recommended by some users, but I can't seem to zoom & pan the image with the geo at the same time, is there anyway fix this?

Also is I have problems with selected curves/geo being white so I'm unable to see it over the backgroud (with a black & white blueprint). Is there a way to change the selected object's color?

I would appreciate anyone & everone's comments and recommendations...

Thanks heaps,

08 August 2004, 01:25 PM
but I can't seem to zoom & pan the image with the geo at the same time, is there anyway fix this?Have you tried playing around with the magnifying glass at the top of the view port. This, when used with the memocam buttons, can work pretty well.

Is there a way to change the selected object's color?Yes, go into your scene prefs, there is a section for changing the colors of selected objects and many other scene elements.

08 August 2004, 06:22 PM
reference planes are easy to set up in xsi if you know how to do it,
1) open your photoshop and use the snap tool, normally the blueprints are already ligned up so with the snap tool you will be accurate and every of your image will be the size it should be. size should be like the following => x y - x z - y z
2) save the files and open your xsi.
3) open the image clip viewer in any of the 4 viewport.
4) do file - import and open your reference image you've just worked on with photoshop.
5) create the 3 or 4 ( back or not) grids and place them ready to work.(meaning you will have to rotate 2 of the grids to make them become the side and the front view.
6) go file - clip properties and go to the second mitre to see the image size.
7) if you are on your top image select the grid who will be the top and set is x and y according to the x and y res numbers.
8) repeat the #7 for each of the planes. To switch from an image to another use the clip button in the clip image viewer.
9) you are set to work on your car - if you wish you could branch select all of your grid and create a new layer called blueprints and make it unselectable.

Good luck and have fun with your modelling :D

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