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08 August 2004, 09:39 PM
Methods of multiple uvs

K i did some research on Uv mapping on xsi. I must say at first try, the texture editor inxs is sweet.
Doing some research i have also came to found that with xsi... The best way to create multiple uvs for one object is to create multiple texture projections which i think is some-what ingenius.

The only thing that im having problems grasping is the fact that when your done, your uv must be arranged on one giant atlas style color map.

My defination for an atlas map (one entire uv that are arranged in little islands according to part or cluster )

A work around this is if want to import seperate model parts then merge them (eg head imported for body) onto what you have already. but i don't want to do this

So im wondering what methods are out there that alow you to get closer than This (click) ( . I did some seaches but failed at being sucessful.

Basically i want to be able to manuver a little closer in like with many of the head texturing tuts we see for xsi but on a larger scale for say a whole human body. Lightwave style workflow

Is it possible to work with the isolated uv's cluster/selection on a larger specific version of the image?

*For example .... I want to work and create projections for the head. So i get an image bring in my head color map edit the uvsto what i want and thats that. Now i want to move to say the torso and do it in the same procedure. Is it possible to work this way rather than in the atlas style as metioned in the link above???

The style i just described is similar to lightwaves work

Is the same technique in the link very usuable for such or are their different methods?

08 August 2004, 09:53 AM
I have tried to view your link but it doesn't work. Please double-check it because without further details it's pretty hard to figure what you're after.

However, trying to guess a little, I think you want to combine all UVs into one map, right? Well, you have several options:

1- Stamp each UV map on an image, combine these images, and use them back in the Texture Editor to reedit the projects and remove any overlap that might exist. Each time you have edit a projection, restamp it and recombine it with the other maps so you can edit the other projections.

2- Create a new projections. Select all the UVs from the first projection, but without the ones in the left corner, just those you have placed on the TE space. Copy them and paste them in the new projection. Repeat these steps until you have done all the projections, then delete them to keep only one.

3- If you are up for fun, do the same thing as in #1, that is, stamp all the projections and combine them to form an image of them all. Then create a new projection, and use sub-projections to rebuild the UVs as they are on the template image of the other projections.


08 August 2004, 04:47 PM
Thanx Atyss.
I think you may have touched what i am asking not sure. I fixed the link and added some more information specifically describing what i would like to do. Just check the *forexample area

Lastly could you point me to some pages of slimple tuts explaning somemof the stuff you just mentioned?

08 August 2004, 07:23 PM
That Softimage tutorial is right on the spot, imho. This is really the way to go. This way you manage only one projection and one material.


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