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El Mago
02 February 2002, 07:21 AM
Hi everybody!
I've been modelling and texturing this character for some time (it'll be the main character of a short I'm doing). I just wanted some opinions (criqitues welcome)

02 February 2002, 08:05 AM
My god....where can I get a chair like that. As of now I have to actually leave my seat to get things. :) Great texture around the eyes.

02 February 2002, 08:42 AM
The cathader thing is a cool idea, I like the model, but this guy looks like he needs some little food bits on his face and perhaps make his facial features a tad more chubby, nice work, keep posting updates:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

El Mago
02 February 2002, 08:48 AM
Thanks Taoizm, they are only test renders so they aren't illuminated correctly.

As soon as the chair gets contructed I'll sell one to you ;)

02 February 2002, 11:19 AM
That's freaky. Looks like a character that would be in a film like Seven or something like that.

Rabid pitbull
02 February 2002, 09:18 PM
nice model, kinda nasty though. I agree he needs some choclate stains on his face!

02 February 2002, 10:48 PM
relly cool iam working on a project like this a big man with all aroud him ,the eye look fake look like doll eye and need more work on the nose model he look weird ,this is only my opinion ...
i will show u my big when it will be finish .

02 February 2002, 07:53 AM
what is the tube comin out of his errrm **** you know the **** what is that for?

02 February 2002, 08:46 AM
bigger hands, a charcter like that needs bigger hands, course thats just me, but i like bigger hands

El Mago
02 February 2002, 09:20 AM
Can anybody tell me how to attach paint FX to a polygonal mesh??? I've tried everything I know, but the curves are still drawn over the grid (not the mesh), I need to add hairs at the brow area and eyelids....

Besides, can anybody give me a hint about the specularity of the face????? I want it to be like skin with greasy spots like nose or cheeks, but it looks like plastic..... it has a spec map but still looks artificial....

Any clues?

BTW THANKS for the feedback!

Many more will come around soon!

02 February 2002, 09:36 AM
make the surface paintable. go to paint fx -> make paintable.

El Mago
02 February 2002, 07:08 PM
Ephesus, I tried that already, but nothing happens, and it's the right workflow.... it just won't paint on it....

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