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08 August 2004, 10:32 AM
I'm trying to get rid of referenced models. Basically, I have a massive scene (using EXP version, so can't just export bits I want to keep) and everytime I try to render something, region or preview, it takes a very long time doing nothing, and if I then press anything else it crashes.

I'm seeing that everytime I load and save a scene, it takes ages doing something with model 'barrier2' which I know I don't want.

I deleted everything apart from the bits I do want, so there's very little left (and simple at that) and saved as a new file, but that scene still contains models from barrier 2 and other stuff in it. Still can't render anything due to system being bogged down. Selecting delete in scene explorer doesn't do anything. Help file doensn't mention deleting models- only making new ones.
I've tried freezing absolutely everything before and after saving/ merging files and this has not helped.

I'm worried that everytime I try and save or merge something to do with that scene, it's loading scenes within scenes withing more scenes/ models etc.

Any ideas?


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