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08 August 2004, 02:27 AM
ok a little clarification abt marked and custom parameters is requested.. please oblige:

As I understand, custom parameters are like custom attributes that u have in Max and Maya .. wherein I have a parameter ( eg: x-rotation of an object) wired to a slider.. whereupon manipulation of the said slider will drive the x-rotation.. so far so good .. but this function likes the reactorcontroller in max where the connection is finite .. meaning say @slidervalue '0' the x-rotation value is 'o' and @slidervalue '10' the x-rotaion is 20 degrees or whatever value I set ( using set relative value ' option )..

How do i set it as a 1:1 connection wherein whatever value the slider is set at will be reflected in the driven attribute ( in the above case - x-rotation ).. like if the slider value is 60 then the x-rotation value is 60 as well.

also How do have these collection of custom parameters pop up whenever i select the concerned object which has these custom parameters

and oh,some explaination of marked parameters would help.. I know these are used to set keys on certain parameters only .. but a typical working example would help.. pros and cons etc


08 August 2004, 02:32 AM
if i understood you correctly , do this:

create a custom p set , and add the parameter. have the range from -60 to 60 with the default of 0

open it up (select object , hit F3 , click on CP set)

open the object kinematics page up (ctrl-K)

drag drop the custom P (the small keyframe box next to the slider) on the Translate X box , that'll create a = connection. Now whatever the value of the slider is , the value of tx will be the same. Simple drag and drop and XSI makes the connections for you.


Marking sets are nice , you can select whatever you want to keyframe and just keyframe those marked parameters so you are not seeting keys on 500 things at once you dont need. Its a way to keep things organized.

Hope this helps,

08 August 2004, 02:35 AM
To set up a 1:1 relationship you just need to make sure both parameters are at 0. Say you want to set a custom control for rotation y. Make sure y is set to 0, then you can link the parameters together by drag and dropping. So now when you move the custom parameter to say 60 the object will be rotated to 60. As for making it popup when you click the object I'm not sure but you can just pick the object then goto the selection list and pick the custom parameter. Marked parameters from my understanding is just a way to set up a object so when you key the marked parameters you don't key parameters that you don't need. Say you just want to key translation and rotation but not scale. You can set up a mark parameters to just be the translation and rotation. Then when you set a key using marking set it won't key the scales which values are 0.

08 August 2004, 06:08 AM
was unaware of the drag n drop procedure.. thnx to u all

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