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08 August 2004, 01:18 PM
here is 2 animation stil workin on let me know thanks

08 August 2004, 04:43 PM
Hey man that's not too bad. I'd watch the presentation though, on the animation you called Loop, there's too much useless space around your character. Zoom in closer, that way you can even make your render smaller hence faster to download.
As for the animation. The first character is cool, you added an extra set of arms but then they hardly do anything so the end up being confusing. When you animate a feak character (ie a non biped) you should try to show how his different body works in a logical way, preferably to the character's advantage. extra limbs can be used for faster, or more agile locomotion for instance.
The second animation is not bad, but a few things to clean up:
When he puts down his right foot to launch himself he should put it forward, right now he puts it right next to his left foot. Putting the foot forward the character can start traveling before he is in the air. Right now he gets a forward boost when he is already launched it doesn't make sense. Then when the left foot comes around it starts off on a nice arc and then goes straight down. You should finish that arc and have the foot swing around and back down. On the backfilp I'd raise the characer up higher a bit and give more weight to the landing. And watch the flipping wrists...( at the end, left hand)

08 August 2004, 11:06 PM
I only checked out the first anim (beast). Its pretty cool but on top of mehdianim's suggestions, I would try to smooth out the action a lot. Fast can good, but poppy is not. The head especially pops around a lot. Take a look at the trajectories of your bones and try to smooth out the arcs as much as possible. Watching it in slow-motion may also help spots movements that are too quick.

It should settle a bit more dramatically after its inital bound forward too.

Also, I'd recommend having the camera track along with the beast as it approaches the camera. That was the first thing we see isn't far off in the distance. Nothing too complex; just something to keep it framed tighter for more of the animation.

Its a good foundation though. Just needs some polish.

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