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08 August 2004, 10:13 AM
hey i made a showreel with some of the stuff i did in my maya course

not too fancy stuff
most of it pretty basic but i need something to show to people and companies (just very small ones)

first lipsync
first walkcycle
first jumpcycle
and so on

what do you think ?
6mb - pretty fast server (at least here in AUT)

new vid
i already took out the red car
gonna take out the furball and some other stuff as well

08 August 2004, 11:19 AM
Oh man! You really need to loose those renders of spheres - thats a big no no! In fact a lot of your showreel seems to be deformed spheres with different lighting.

I actually screamed at my monitor when I saw the sphere with the fur on it! Why have you put that in?

I'm gonna try and stay constructive here but that green guy with his tounge out was...awful quite frankly. And I have no idea what that red spikey thing was supposed to be.

The table ornaments - its just some revolved nurbs curves and a few spheres correct? Take it out.

If you didn't model the car why include it? And what the hell is that red sphere thing after it supposed to be?

Ok thats the bad stuff out of the way.

The lipsync was quite good.

The little sack walking was simple but cute and well done.

The kangaroo hopping was the best bit I thought.

Your animation skills are far stronger than your modelling skills. I would make animation the focus of the reel. However at the moment I wouldn't recommend sending it to any studios.

Good choice of music as well it complimented the reel rather than dominate.

Hope this helps

08 August 2004, 06:24 PM
thanks for the reply

yeah i know its a lot of very very basic stuff
but if i take all that out there won´t be anything left :-/

And what the hell is that red sphere thing after it supposed to be?
i am not shure myself just looks pretty cool

i do want to focus on animation

it will not go to any 3d studios
there are no 3d studios here

the reel is not really ment to be shown to a 3d pro

08 August 2004, 08:33 PM

yeah i know its a lot of very very basic stuff
but if i take all that out there won´t be anything left :-/

well think of it this way: my reel is only one and a half minute long :D

08 August 2004, 09:02 PM
Ok... I saw the reel...


I think I don't clearly see the actual point in your reel. You throw too many miscelaneous stuff and makes it look more like a showreel for a 3D animation product than a reel from some guy.
The turntables and renders are thrown at you too quickly. You barely have the time to see the detail.

Moving on... the fur ball has no reason to be there. I mean, basically you are telling us "hey I can click the create fur description button".

why put the car if you didn't model it... unless you came up with a very neat "car paint shader" or photorealistic rendering I don't really seee the point there.

I like the walking bag. It gives me the impression of someone saying "I don't care what nobody says".

The jumping kangaroo is nice too.

The rest is fairly basic stuff... I think you can keep this one as part of your "personal archives" but I don't think you can show it to "people and companies (very small ones)"

BTW I am kind of sleepy now so maybe that's the reason why half of the things I said made no sense at all...

08 August 2004, 08:20 PM
I agree with every post. The rat is better than anything. You have a start here, you seem to have basic knowledge of modeling down. Now you just need to form it. Start looking at the world as a possible piece of work, or 3D Model/Scene. How should it look in the 3D World, eg. formation of the mesh, steps to get the lighting right... And I cannot stress this enough, TUTORIALS TUTORIALS TUTORIALS! Do them or you wont get far. You need to observe how other artists solved their scenes and models. Look at finished models of other artists, the wire mesh mostly. How does it form the body? How does it make the curves of the bones? Once you know how a mesh is supposed to look, then you can begin to construct models that are right. After you have mastered the way you model then you should work on how you model. But that is something tottaly different. Anyway, lighting is a plus, just because you have a cute model and animation, given the fact that I don't know where you want to be, you need to make it look cool. You want the employer to say WOW I never thought of that, or Whoa, that as cool! View other artists reels and see how they set them up. You may not think its important but the layout and the presentation matter quite a bit. If it looks professionaly presented then the work will look much more professional. Oh and only put your best most perfect work into your reel, no hairy balls or cones or simple lathed objects. Strive to make your work better than anyone elses. Show the employer you have something they need that no one else can give them. Good luck man!

08 August 2004, 02:02 PM
thanks for all your thoughts

i will take out some elements
like the furball the green slug and the red car

maybe some other stuff as well
like the still life

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