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08-20-2004, 09:13 AM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/gallerycrits/102339/102339_1092993233_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/gallerycrits/102339/102339_1092993233.jpg)

Title: Concept Art - Pirate 2
Name: Crazyhoya
Country: Korea
Software: Photoshop

This is a concept art for my project.

I hope you like this.
Thank you~ :-)

08-20-2004, 11:19 AM
Yes this one is very good!

Very sweet drawing and nice colors! I like it!

08-20-2004, 12:52 PM
Very sexy and excellent lines. Composition needs definate work however.

08-20-2004, 04:12 PM
excellent work!

08-20-2004, 04:16 PM
that's a could blood pirate don't she?....just cutting the heat of that guy....doesn't seem that scarry

that's not a crityque...love it...she is something all right

08-20-2004, 07:49 PM
love that rat down there! it's a nice touch.

08-20-2004, 10:51 PM
Nice one. I really like your linework. It's very subtle but it hold all the colors in place. :thumbsup:

08-21-2004, 12:00 PM
She is really pretty!

08-21-2004, 01:28 PM
Ohhh, this one's a keeper! Sweet. She'll do nicely on my desktop.

It's far better than most coverwork you see in comic book stores.

- Jonas

08-21-2004, 01:32 PM
Soo, what is your "project" anyway? 2D/3D? Animated/still/video? Hobby? School?

I've just checked out your other pirate, http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=163419, although I like the new one much better.

- Jonas

08-22-2004, 12:28 PM
I really like the subtle linework and the fresh coloring you do.

I wonder how you did the grainy background.

I'd love to see all the other designs for this project.

Congrats !

08-23-2004, 10:50 AM
awesome, no crits, just sexy as hell pirate, love it, and her ;). Like said, nice subtle lines and great colour, FEED US MORE!

08-23-2004, 03:14 PM
Great proportions and pose on the girl, but the severed head seems out of place, even more so with the cartoony looking mouse on it. I think it would be better without it. The sky seems somewhat dull considering it takes up most of the image too. Finally, her hair seems kinda octopus like on the left.
I love the character but i feel the background needs a lil more work.

Top stuff!

08-24-2004, 02:32 AM
the grainy background ..
um.. a photo of sand was used.
sorry.. i'm poor in english.. T.T

08-31-2004, 01:56 PM
I'm really liking this, well thought out.

09-03-2004, 09:54 PM
crazyhoya> I love your style! the way you drew the girl and all the details. Hope to see more girls from you. :)

10-26-2004, 05:50 AM
hahahah! great idea

10-29-2004, 01:55 PM
Real cute!

11-04-2004, 01:10 AM
Arrrrr she be awesome!!!

11-25-2004, 12:39 PM
hmm.. i think she got a nice ass!! Jus:thumbsup: t kidding!! THE WORK IS AWESOME

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