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08 August 2004, 07:37 PM
Yes, it seems that there's many LW's coming to XSI community
and Im interested doing the same. I downloaded EXP and tried
it after awhile, after that I headed reading tutorials etc.. Anyway,
Im slowly starting to understand the program, but there are few things
that I found troubling. Ill start with pan/zoom/orbit thing, Im used from
LW and MAX background (cause, those are the programs Im using at work)
to use ALT+mouse to operate pan/zoom/orbit, but here I have to use S
key? Is there any change to map ALT key (was it in sticky mode, or the other
mode :) to operate as a S key? Then lets head on, the selection mode? Do I
really always have to change selection mode (with keys 7,8,9,etc) to change
selection mode? Once again from previous programs, Im used to use RMB to select
a polygon and LMB to use lasso tool. Any change to get selection in softimage
to similar? Then I downloaded RCTools, which looks great.. for selection.. But once
again I found it nice and fast be able to select rows of polygons and same time
splitting them. Now I have to select polygons, with RCTools Poly loop and then
slice them. Also usually need to fix the settings for the slicing also? Perhaps some
LW turnout can tell me if there's something similar to bandsaw? For those who
are not familiar with LW, is there plugin/way to select connecting polygons, hit a button
and it will select "poly loop" and slice them with a single shortcut? Or perhaps I should
start thinking of scripting? That might work for this? And all those ex. LW's, perhaps
you can give me some pointers, etc what you found hard, different, interesting, nice
and easy with softimage?

Well, perhaps Im asking too much like LW here, Ill continue experimenting
and hope to find a new nice program to use. Thanks in advance to those
who sacrifise their time to answer..

08 August 2004, 07:42 PM
You cant map the alt key , you have to use S , you can hovewer go preferences > tools > use alternate mapping to make S behave like alt.

you can select poly\edge loops\rings easily by selecting them while holding down ALT

Bandsaw = split edge tool with mmb

Hope this helps.

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