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08 August 2004, 06:48 PM
I'm getting a non-fatal bug in XSI 4.0 Foundation, and was wondering if anybody else had this problem.

It occurs quite a bit under various conditions, but it seems to always involves a properties editing dialog. Although it doesn't crash XSI, it's still extremely annoying, and is a workflow killer.

Here's one way that I can easily produce the bug.

1) go to the scene explorer and select the Camera_Root.Visibility node

2) press the "Enter" key : the node's editor pops up just fine

3) in the selection panel on the right, use the little "up arrow" to move the selection to the parent node (Camera_Root)

4) press the "Enter" key again

This causes a "Just in time debugging" error dialog to pop up, with the message

"An exception 'Runtime Error' has occured in Script."

any ideas?

08 August 2004, 07:05 PM
do you happen to have VisualStudio installed or some other trapper/debugger?

some functions in XSI are based on very complex and versatile scripts, very much like in Maya+MEL interface and HDN, some of these scripts sometimes return informations by an int return to confirm or cancel something.

this int happens to be often a non-zero value, and while for the pipe that was expecting the return this is perfectly fine, VS' JITdebugger bitches about it.

if that's the case you should configure better VS, or use a different debugger or even turn off JITdebugging of scripts (unless you are scripting obviously :) )

if you don't have any IDEs installed, and then it's something else, it could be a script gone corrupted, a reinstall usually will fix it.

08 August 2004, 07:10 PM
fantasic, yes that's it.

I do have visual studio installed, but always used compiled C++ or C# code for my projects with no scripting. So, since I had never seen that particualar scripting error, I had two concerns:

1) It was a workflow killer

2) I was concerned that it might be a symptom of something more serious

Thanks so much for the info and the workaround. Peace of mind is a wonderfull thing.

edit: as a side note, although the problem is fixed, if I press "enter" after moving (up-arrow button) to the "Camera" node from one of its children, nothing happens.

However, all the other nodes in the tree seem to work okay, so I can live with that minor bug. If I explicitely select the "Camera" node in the tree, THEN press enter, the properties editor pops up just fine.

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