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08 August 2004, 08:18 PM
Can someone give me a quick rundown of the logic in which these node connect by default?

When creating a shading network, if you choose a "file" node for say the color of the surface, Maya creates a 2D placement node that goes downstream into the file node which plugs into the color attr ..... I would think that the logic would flow the other way.

My instinctual thought of the way this should be is to have a file node that went downstream into a placment node, which would then procede to the surface.... Why? So that you could create another 2D placement node and have the same file placement mapped differently for different attributes......

I am sure there is a reason why it defaults the way it does.... if someone could give me a brief on that I would be greatful..... and also.... give an example of how to use 1 file node that say tiles for the surface "color" attribute.... but then maybe doesn't tile for the "transparent" attribute.

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