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08 August 2004, 04:17 PM
Hello Every1,

I managed to render a series of stills in Targa format. But the strange thing's that my rendered stills end up looking from the point of view of the default Perspective Camera & NOT from AnimCamera1, which I selected in Render Globals settings. Why is that? Because the view in each frame should be different as this animated virtual camera moves through the condo showroom. U can refer to this link for some of my screenshots :

If u know what I did wrong, please let me know kay? A big thank you to you in advance. My intention is to render as Targa stills & later use Adobe Premiere 6.0 to import these series of stills to be made into a movie. Thanks again.

08 August 2004, 05:58 PM
If you have 2 or more cameras set to "Renderable" Maya will render both cameras starting with the one highest in the hierarchy, in this case PerspShape. You can see whether this is the case by going to your render globals and to look at the camera dropdown list. If (Renderable) is added to 2 or more of the cameras this is the case. Goto your Perspective camera and turn off "Renderable". I think it's in the tab called Output. Then make sure your render camera is set properly.
Also you can override the camera to be rendered by using the command line flag -cam <cameraname>.

08 August 2004, 06:07 AM
I wanna say a big thank you to you because u did help me solve my render problem. U were right in diagnosing the problem was that there was more than 1 renderable camera. I selected the Perspective (default) camera in the Window's Outliner & had a look @ it's attribute in the Atrribute Editor. Under Output, I saw "Renderable" was checked. So I unchecked it. Next I selected AnimCamera1 also in the Outliner, went to Attribut Edittor & put a check @ "Renderable". After that I starting rendering from frame 1. Now when I preview the still images using FCheck, it's rendering correctly from the camera I want.

Thanks so very much for your expert advice. I really did learn something valuable from you today :) Good Job!!!! :thumbsup:

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