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08 August 2004, 03:03 PM

I have some questions regarding workflow for Mentalray for Maya.
We have a workflow for maya that works and now we want include MR
into that so we can take advantage of the superior rendering technics.
But there's some things that really plugs the pipeline.

(We've been using maya for 5 years so I'm not a complete blueberry but
when it comes to the technical side of mentalray I'm totally lost.
So please be gentle on me. )

When you render a scene it says "translating scene" before it starts
calculating photons or finalgather. My guess is that "translating" means
tessalating geomatry and gathering "maya" scene information converting that
to "mentalray" information.
Depending on your scene this can take a while. If you re-render or do alot
of testrendering this will take up alot of time. And so if you're just say
trying diffrent color variations you would save alot of time if you
could save the translating data so it dosen't have to re-calculate every time.
Is there a way to do that?

If you have a bunch of object in a scene .. and you hide some objects
so that they dosen't show up in the render. Even though they're hidden
Mentalray still has to calculate them.
Why?, and is there a way around this.

We use alot of CAD-data, often iges-files. Is there a way of getting
the "smooth edge" option from maya to MR. From what I've heard you
should use the aproximation-editor to make your patches smooth.
My feeling is though that if you have to make a general aproximation
for all the surfaces MR uses alot more polygons then Maya would using
the smooth edge options.
Certainly you could do individual aproximation for diffrent pathches but
we're mostly doing cars whichs means 100.000 of surfaces and that is just
not feasable.
Is there a aproximation that simulates "smooth edge" or is there some other way?

Also if you make an aproxmation for a patch and then switch back to the
mayarender it seem like MR still calculates the aproxmation or maybe
the mayarender is calculating the aproxmation.
Anyway, is this true and if so how do you fix it?
( I've tried to delete the aproximation from the outliner but maya still
calculates "something" )

Thanks for any feedback
regards /Joel

08 August 2004, 09:17 PM
I'm no mental ray guru, but I hope that I can be of some help.

A: My guess is no. (sorry) reason being that when you convert a scene there is probably no easy way for maya to keep track of what you changed and then convert only that section. It's kind of like setting all the dirty-bits and then re-evaluating the heirarchy.

B: Probably the best way to do this would be to use scene referencing. I havn't checked but it should work. Reason being that maya won't even load that portion of the scene if you don't tell it to. Logically, if it's not loaded, why would it translate it. However, you'll need Maya 6 for this.

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