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08 August 2004, 11:34 AM
Before, you say serch for a thread theres heaps with this name.

Yeah well i have and none of them answered my question.

Hey, well i notice that not only is Maya/ Mental ray a render it has its own shaders etc.
Is there anyone or any tutorials that tell you what these shaders do and how to apply them to your other shaders and just tell me about them because i have no clue about them at all.

and dont just give me a ( link because i would rather you not post at all.



08 August 2004, 11:53 AM

..and there's no need to use them... stay with maya shaders for the first times.. or look around to get custom shaders devs for specifics issues.


08 August 2004, 12:24 PM
OK well from my own experience good mental ray training is hard to find, especially freebie stuff, Alias make a DVD for mental ray custom shaders but as with all their training products they are rediculously expensive, I just ordered this :

and I can highly recommend it, a pretty good overview, I gave up on finding consise free tutes, after all who has the time to make them, and the motion design DVD was looking pretty promising but it looks like he has done a runner which is pretty pathetic as quite a few people paid up in advance.

Good luck with it anyhow, if I find sme good links I will post them here.



08 August 2004, 12:44 PM
I would not suggest digital tutors,I mean ,for a newbie they are ok,simple things,step by step,short videos and so on,but for someone who is trying to learn Mental ray effectively they just make you laugh!I have got the CD with Mental Ray Kit,it sucks,when they say 'custom Shaders' you expect something more than a common Dieletric or parti_volume shader....i dunno if you get what i mean...
the fact is that i never saw some guides for mental ray,exept the one included with maya,which is so techinacally and to me it doesn't make sense,i mean not at all,that's why i am always here on cgtalk asking d_mb questions!
anyway my 2 cents...this is a file someone here in cgtalk posted not so long time ago,I decided to host it on my crappy/crooked site..follow the link..
For me that PDF file (which is for XSI users ) is a little custom shaders in there too...

edit:the link I gave you has some trouble...just go to my site ( and scroll down till finding 'USEFULL STUFF'..AND THEN here you go...

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