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02 February 2002, 07:54 PM
Hello, okay the switch went damn smooth from WIn 98 to Win 2000 pro. Initially my DVD player and CDRW didn't work but that was just because the software wasn't win2K complant but now that's fixed and all is good.

Being a novice WIn 2K I've got some general questions that are pretty basic but are starting to grate.

First off , when I turn my comp on I get a start up screen with a descision between running Win 2000 or DOS, I have to press enter otherwise after about 30 seconds then it starts automatically. Is there anyway I can skip this screen?

Secondly when I get into windows I get the password screen, well I don't have a pasword so I have to press okay, is there anyway I can skip this because I haven't got any password to type in?


02 February 2002, 08:35 PM
first off the only way to bypass the logon screen is with a little proggie called "tweakui".
do a search for ity on google you will find it. on of the settings is that you can set who always logs on and it will log on automatically. that logon is there cause 2k is more secure than the win98 you have been using.

as for the selection if you right click on my computer and left click on properties, one of the tabs will be called startup i think ( it has been a while sin i used 2k) and there you can set the selection to 0 seconds and you will never see that screen again.

hope all this helps


02 February 2002, 09:03 PM
Cool bananas, thanks!

02 February 2002, 09:08 PM
Actually while I'm on the subject my Norton 2000 that I had from Win 98 doesn't work on WIn 2000. I know there's a defragmentation program on Win 2000 but I find it kind of slow and annoying. Is there a free Defragmentation program I can download from anywhere?


02 February 2002, 09:29 PM
not that i know of, the built in may be slow but if it is all you got then it is all you got.

sorry wish i could be more help


02 February 2002, 06:29 AM
Is there a free Defragmentation program I can download from anywhere?

Yes, "O&O Defrag Free" is a lot better than the built-in defragmentation tool. On their website they also have a program to defrag the MFT (master file table) on w2k at startup. This made my HD seek access twice as fast -- at least it felt that way ... ;D
It also kept working after the trial period was over. I didn't mind, hehe.

Also, be sure to install the latest service pack for w2k -- saves you from a lot of trouble.



02 February 2002, 06:55 PM
Shweeet thanks mate!

02 February 2002, 05:14 PM
You don't have to use that proggie to skip login: control panel --> users and passwords --> users have to ...blabla turn that off!


control panel --> system --> advanced --> startup and recovery you'll figure out the rest... it's all there enjoy 2K!!!

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