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08 August 2004, 08:14 PM
I'm finally getting into the area of Single Box Edit character animation, but I want my characters to look more natural before animationg them, and I'm wondering what I could do to improve the look of my humans..

Shows the evolution of this character and my modeling skils. From using seperate shapes to a single box edit shown in the second image. I know the hands need major work, but I only know of one way to modem them. Select the bottom plane of the hand top, cut it into three squares wide and 5 squares top to bottom, make it into a circle, and extrude a finger from it... The way they look now it just dosn't look natural, does it?

Another thing I'd like to know is how to better model the eyes so they look more naturl. Right now, I just selected about 5 squares on the left side of the face, turned the color to white, extruded it, scaled it down, and turned the color to black to get the pupil.

I'd also like to get better muscle defenition. The way I'm doing it now is to move a select few verticies backward a bit to form a crevise in between the desired muscle structure and it probably won't look good animated..

Any tips to improve these things are most gratefull..

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