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02-02-2002, 04:23 PM
hi all !

After drawing this little bot i've decided to make it in 3D...I intend to finish it ASAP so I can start the new CHALLENGE.

XSI final gathering preview


02-02-2002, 05:25 PM
cool character I'd love to see him animated!

02-02-2002, 05:46 PM
thx joBbe...The animation is on my plans

02-02-2002, 09:13 PM
Wow! I love it! May I have permission to model this fella' ? (I won't claim I created it or anything..)

02-02-2002, 11:25 PM
Simple design, clean execution, visually entertaining! 9.5!

02-03-2002, 12:29 AM
Hehe its cute. :)

Kenneth J
02-03-2002, 12:39 AM
looks great! :)

02-03-2002, 01:18 AM
thx all for the comments!!

here is a LITTLE Update:
I've redefined the head a bit, and add some more details around the eyes...

02-03-2002, 05:43 AM
That is so freaking rockin, I love it man. Great work

02-03-2002, 05:48 AM
sweeettt !!!
i love it

02-03-2002, 04:38 PM
very nice model, wireframe view ? ;)

02-03-2002, 05:16 PM
Here is a wireFrame view....the rendered part is a -level 1- mesh subdivision.

thx to all !!

02-04-2002, 01:28 AM
simple but really great:D

02-04-2002, 01:56 AM
Can you put it in some nice poses for is?

02-04-2002, 02:59 AM
I realy love this character. it's simple and realy nice.
is it XSI or I'm wrong?

P.S. did you set ambience value to 0 during the rendering? :)

02-04-2002, 03:04 AM
You're right barracuda...this is Xsi, but i haven't touch the ambiance parameters...should I ?? i'm not very good at rendering!

02-04-2002, 03:46 AM
last Update before mapping and rigging !!!

02-04-2002, 05:56 AM
Incredibly cool!

Absolutely love the guy! :D :D :D

I'll be sellotaping my eye to this thread... :)

02-04-2002, 06:45 PM
Damn this is sooo nice man!!! Just had to say something :)

02-04-2002, 06:56 PM
Really nice!!! looking forward to the anim :)

02-04-2002, 11:28 PM
about rendering...
GI and FG (I think you use final gathering) has their own ambience and if default ambience isn't set to 0 shadows are too bright.

P.S. sorry for my bad english

02-04-2002, 11:29 PM
Very good.

02-04-2002, 11:31 PM
oh.. and one more thing. I think that the best part of this character are his hands especialy those thick fingers :D

02-05-2002, 12:08 AM
you were right Barracuda for the ambiance value...!

02-05-2002, 03:11 PM
rigged at last!!

I'm not going any further with this character for the moment...I just can't wait to start the PA challenge.

Anyway thank you all for yours comments!!

02-05-2002, 03:44 PM
Clean stuff....
really cool posing!

I'm waiting for a good animation...
But it's time for challenge Srtipen!

Come join us!
And let's dance on the beat of Loukoum Dance!


02-05-2002, 06:57 PM
right with you totitch
we want animations
questions? have you bonesed it in XSI?;)
very very very good ah characters le pays du fromage

Jean Eric
02-05-2002, 07:07 PM
Very nice model Stipen, but I think you badly need to work your lights.

Try this. Create a white square, make it 100% luminous, no specular and put it right above your robot's head. Make sure your camera can't see it.

Set your robot's reflective index to 20-30% (you can play with the levels) and ray-trace...

Watch the magic happening... (this is vaguelly how they shoot car commercials)

02-05-2002, 09:29 PM
thanks for the tip Jean eric!!! (that's right , i'm not used to spend a lot of time on rendering once the character is done...)
I'll try this tonight!!
Thx again!

02-05-2002, 10:10 PM
good character concept. and very nice 3d execution.

one crit tho:
in the 2d image his head seems to slope back more (giving him a slight mischievous look) while the model seems to have a nice round head.
needless to say I like the former better :D

02-06-2002, 04:59 AM
This Robot make me think about Nono in Ulysse 31!
(French people know him and maybe other country!..tell us if you know this cartoon tv program in spain,america,...interesting!)

juste the head is really different!
Put him in Red just to see!

Allez Stipen quoi...

Jean Eric
02-06-2002, 05:05 AM
Is this what you are talking about?

02-06-2002, 02:54 PM
is you character going to have a robot girlfriend?
is he going to start a robot family with a robot baby and a robot dog?
it could be sympatico

02-06-2002, 03:54 PM
Yes Jean Eric it's what i'm talking about!
A very good cartoon!
There is no cartoon which is as good as this one nowaday!

Nanoneen has a good idea!
I think the robot-dog will be nice!

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