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08 August 2004, 08:49 AM
I have a question about those DVDs from
Are they useful and informative??
and this is my main question, can you transform the content to other applications like maya or max...well those tutorials are really looking promising but I don't use XSI yet (but I want to learn it anyway) and therefore I want to transform the content into other apps
is this possible with those DVDs??

and is some content similar to the new ones from softimage??

08 August 2004, 11:03 AM
Before I purchased XSI I wanted to get a feel for the workflow to see if it suited me. So armed with a copy of XSI HL-EXP I purchased the Modelling-1 and Production Solution tutorials from 3d-Tutorial. Probably the best buy I could have made because for a very reasonable cost I was able to tell that XSI would suit my needs. Since then I have also purchased Advanced Rendertree Techniques (not very advanced, but an invaluable resource for an XSI newbie like me), and Advanced Sub-D modelling, which is very good.

The techniques in both modelling tutorials are readilly adaptable to other software (as most modelling tutorials are). I suspect that as Maya and MAX also now support Mental Ray that at least some of the rendertree information in the other two turorials would have some relevance, possibly more to Maya than MAX though.

Although I haven't purchased it, from the free trial downloads (all videos have free demo sections) the Advanced Rigging series certainly does look advanced, so you might want to leave it until you are more familiar with XSI.
All in all, great video tutorials at an incredibly reasonable price.

BTW - Although some of the tutorial series are available on CD, most are also/only available for download, so you can be up and running (if you have a fast connection) within the day.

08 August 2004, 08:14 PM
I'm pretty much with yog on this. The modeling videos should translate easily to other softwares, although you will have to go through learning the selection process of the other app and things like that.

Rendering itself it very similar, as mental ray is now pretty much the standard in the 3 main applications. However, more specific things like the Render Tree, texturing and material will not be as easy, as XSI has a very specialized workflow. However, if you are confortable with the other apps, then you could give it a try, afterall techniques that you learn in a software can apply to another.

As far as rigging is concerned, it is the same as for Render Tree/materials/texturing, although it might be a bit more complicated. XSI has many unique tools that will not translate easily in other applications, espcially 3ds max.

Personally I think that if your main goal is to learn Maya or 3ds max, you should look into their respective training material. However, I agree that the 3dtutorial products are of very high quality (Joe Saltzman, the boss, is very picky), and if you want to guy them, I think then you should use that material to learn XSI. That would be a much better investment.


08 August 2004, 10:41 PM
ok thanks guys
well I know the tools I just wanted to go more advance and those tutorials are really looking great
and I want to learn XSI anyway so this could come to be handy

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