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08 August 2004, 12:51 AM
Ok, I know these are probably been asked before, but I want my own answer to make my own conclusions.

First, I know there isn't a "best method", but what do most modeler use? Box Modeling or "Start by the eyes and mouth"-technic?

Second, how often do you use a sketch, image or sculptures for references? I know I do it a lot, and I wonder if I'm not over doing it.

Third, when I'm modeling, I always end up getting lost in my model. I have a very hard time getting it clean, and by clean I mean not having it looking like a Chess board. My problem is a lot in the Eye/Nose area, where I seem to put a lot definition. Is it useless, or can a texture do the trick?

Thanks in advance for you answer (answers hopefully!!) and your time.

08 August 2004, 08:58 AM
I like to mix it up when I'm modeling to build my "chops" if you will. :) I'll do a model box style and then switch to poly by poly. I think you can't over do it with sketching since you'll have a great reference(s) instead of having nothing. I can't draw for ...well I can't draw so I'm racking my brain a lot for modeling ideas so don't stop doing that. As far as getting lost in your models I'd say just get the basic features down before worrying about details. if you want a wart, for example, on a nose don't worry about modeling it. Try to ad that in with textures, bump mapping, or displacment mapping. It will turn out nice and save a bit on rendering time since you're not using as many polygons. That's my two cents so hopefully some of the more experienced (MUCH more!) modelers will reply. ;)


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