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02 February 2002, 09:33 AM
Guidelines for the 2nd Challenge:

Keep in mind you don't have to model all three subjects, just pick ONE.

To make an image of a post-apocalyptic scene.

To elaborate further

visualise how earth and it's inhabitants will look like in a nuclear aftermath. It can either be a character, vehicle or environment.
You don't have to model all three subjects, just pick ONE.
You can use whatever application you can get your hands on as long as you are being serious [so no MS Paint pixel-pics pls :)]

Challenge Focus : Modeling

Templates for subjects
character modeling:

The character should wear a protective mask of some sort.
The character should also wear special protective clothing. (an example would be some sort of armor)
The character has to wear eyeprotection.
The character should wear a special kind of footwear.
The character has to carry a weapon. (if he/she are poor they could have a club/knife/bo, if they're high guards it could be a double barrel plasma gun have fun with it ;))
vehicle modeling:

The vehicle should run on an alternative fuel.
The alternative fuel tank should be visible from the outside.
The vehicle should exist of alternative materials.
(for example alternative materials can be cloth, wood, metal scraps, plastic. e.t.c, e.t.c)
For terrain vehicles they should have 6 wheels (ex a helicopter doesn't need six wheels, although that might look cool :) use your best judgement)
Landscape modeling:

The environment has to have buildings.
The buildings have to have special airlocks/entrypoints.
There has to be some sort of plantlife.
The effects of the apocalypse should be clearly visible on the landscape/buildings/natural life

as for ideas, think how the aftermath of a nuclear war will change clothing, housing, traveling and such.

this challenge can be either done in 3D or 2D
for the 2D, you have to sketch a front, back and 3/4th view of your "subject" Please note this doesn't apply to Landscape/environment 2d art, one view is enough

if one of these guidelines doesnt fit the character or vehicle etc they can be subsituted with a small description of why.

On a sidenote, the challenge will change a little each time , as it must. But thats what will make it different it will always be about the skill of modeling but focused on different challenges.

and last, the important thing about these challanges is fun.

oh, one last comment by Jean Eric

NO Buzz Lightyear Submissions

02 February 2002, 09:37 AM
Ok there you go guys and gals, the above is what we're working with for the month..... all old challenge threads have been moved to

although the next challenge officially begins Feb 4th 2002, feel free to post threads to brainstorm, acquire partnerships, discuss anything that you might think of doing e.t.c

We'll begin posting W.I.P, Concept art e.t.c, e.t.c beginning Feb 4th, so have a great weekend guys, this one promises to be fun...

Cheers and good luck

02 February 2002, 09:43 AM
Oh almost forgot, when you start posting your works, use this syntax, this will help when we go unto the next challenge and so fourth

Your subject heading should be

PA Challenge - character/vehicle/landscape - username....... so for example

PA Challenge - character - lildragon


02 February 2002, 06:28 PM
Seeing that a lot of people are having issueas about texturing, here's a "guideline" about texturing.

tho this is a modeling challenge, I think that textures are gonna be a must for at least landscapes.
Vehicles could use them, but don't NEED to have them. Characters models are fine without them.