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08 August 2004, 09:21 PM
Im supposed to be making this tree in 4, but I have no idea where to begin for the leaves... i tried doing the technique that was used in rustboy, with spheres but it didnt work very well, or atleast I didnt get it to work well.... and I tried doing it polygonal but I ended up with like 3k leaves on just one limb befor eit looked right and its for an animation so it has to be render friendly....anyone know a solution or are there plugins/models out there of plants??

08 August 2004, 10:49 PM
assuming you don't have R&D there, and you can't script yourself out of this:

the quickest way to have it rendering at tolerable speeds and to do revisions without going nuts is using instancing on particles.

create a few different leaves on mapped planes and instance those on a cloud.

-the cloud is best emitted from the tree with a map controlling the density so they only appear on branches and not all over the place, or emit all over the place and tag/delete manually
-animating the emission can be done but it's tricky because map+animation is still bitchy.
-give them a little bit of speed so that they orient away from the surface normals correctly and animate that so that it goes down immediatly after generation.
this way the particles will be oriented correctly but will not keep gently sliding away all during the animation
-for the transparency on leaves use a sprite node to clip (if you can afford to raytrace) otherwise your transparent rays/secondary rays will need to be set to ridiculous levels

not exactly a tutorial on making a tree, but some creative thinking should help you putting the guidelines together into something working.
the above is production proven.

08 August 2004, 04:33 PM
alright I think that will work but do you know of any good tutorials on particles,I just dont know I enough about them... I read some out fo the books but it didnt help much... i do architecture most of the time, so this whole animation/simulation stuff is new to me :(

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