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07 July 2004, 07:02 PM
For this character I am planning on using Syflex to simulate the clothing as seen below. The black coat and white skirt and shirt are going to be handled by Syflex. I have run some tests involving them and got it work at an acceptable level without adding all the detailed pieces. But what I want to do is add all of the grey pieces seen below, the buckles and straps and such on to the clothing and them simulated as well.

Right now they are separate pieces not attached to the clothing. Would it be best to just use merge and attach them that way or should I actually attach them to the clothing mesh via bridging and what not? What would be better for the simulation?

To get even more advanced what I would like is to have the ring on her shoulder stay in place by the two straps that you see and move with the character. I would like the belt to be constrained by the belt loops as well. And also have the shirt constrained by the belts in the middle, perhaps by using the spring constraint? I havenít looked in to that yet. Also is there a way to have the buckles completely stiff like the metal they are made of, but move with the straps?

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