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08 August 2002, 10:01 AM
Ermm.. i am at a dead end.. i need to model egyptian type things.. (photorealistic).. ermm.. i am using max4..

niwaes i have to model some pyramids, a sphinx, and some ruins.. i want to know wat is the best way to go about doing it.. i tried using primitive object(pyramid) but it looks so fake.. even with texture it looks fake.. hmm.. anyone who had experience doing this type of scene? any tutorials etc i can look at??

basically i dunno how to make it looks like stones(with all those rough edges..) i dunno how to create the chaos stuffs all this.. hmm.. how to make like realistic broken stone pillars?

i wonder if i am confusing u guys/gals.. niwaaes help pls :rolleyes:

i have attach the images which i need to model out.. thx in advance.. (cant include sphinx image though.. not enuff space :hmm: )

08 August 2002, 12:48 PM
Hey Dude

Keep in mind some things to get realistic results:

Lighting, textures, chaos and then modelling.
I would say that is the order i follow.

I would use the pyramids and other primitives as the objects and make the cracks and erosion with bump maps. Obviously if you are going to have closeups you might want to consider painting the textures by hand, if not some procedurals will do.

Get a lot of reference images to look at for textures as well as modelling.

Use elements such as particle systems or fog types for sandstorm, and have dunes and things like that.

If you don't have too much time perhaps consider free models and constentrate on the texturing of them.

I know it's not much i've given you but they are some tips any way.


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