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07 July 2004, 05:32 AM
my problem is very strange, and i have absolutely no clue what's causing it. basically the symptoms are as such:
i'm trying to use a displacement map from zbrush on an elephant model i've created. the displacement map is just a test right now, so i don't spend hours laboring on a map that i can't get onto the model. i created the uv's in zbrush with the guvtiles. (if you're not familiar with it, it's a tile based uv system designed to produce very little distortion and no seams). so far it's living up to it's promise. when i take the displacement map generated by zbrush and plug it into the ambient and diffuse node of my blinn shader, it works perfectly. absolutely seamless even over strange geometery. when i set it up for displacement however, there are seams all over. i cannot figure out what is happening. pictures can be found in this thread.
the problem seems to be with xsi which is why i'm posting it here as well, as the zbrush uv set appears to be working flawlessly. are there any tutorials that detail every setting required for good displacement? because i've set it up as i've seen many others set up, and as i've set up demonstration scenes and gotten them to work. nothing i've tried solves the problem. i've hit a complete roadblock in the progress of my project.

wip thread here:

thanks for any and all help!

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