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07 July 2004, 05:19 AM
Hello all,

This is my first animation demo reel ever, so any advice I can get would be awesome. Also, this cut has 10 seconds of black at the beginning for when it goes to the production house to dump to VHS. I apologize if this annoys anyone.

Demo Reel 32MB DIVX (

07 July 2004, 05:39 PM
I'll start of by saying that it's pretty good. Most of the foundations are solid, including the secondary animation, and the timing.

The thing that I see immediately, on almost all of your animations is that you are using a lot of IK on the arms. You can easily see this on both the diver and the blue guy when he sort of 'double-pumps' up and down. Even though you can compensate for this, you might want to try a bit of FK in those areas. Remember that the shoulder connects the rest of the arm. IK looks best when you have to plant a hand or elbow (or fingers) etc onto an object. If you can switch out of that to an FK you would have to redo alot, but I think it'll look better in teh long run.

And as an opinion of my own, I think it is great to practice with other people's rigs and characters, but you have to keep in mind that alot of people are going to be submitting very similar characters. The only thing that will set you apart at that time is going to be your selection of animation clips. I think it is always better if you can build your own characters, no matter how simple, then you stand apart form the crowd a bit more.

Anyone else?


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