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07 July 2004, 04:05 PM

I done a lemon who need animation. I need to make it roll on a curved line, but the problem is the lemon isn't perfectly round and i really don't know how to make my lemon react to gravity and floor. Is there someone who can help me figure this out ?

Thanks a lot

07 July 2004, 03:34 AM
If that lemon is tracing a path along the floor, it's going to be rotating along an essentially-circular conic section of the lemon. That section is going to be more or less in its diameter, perpendicular to the axis formed by the stem. It'll wobble to the left and right (the stem rising and falling slightly) and it'll take a wide corner on all curves.

Make it easy on yourself. Once the viewer sees and understands that "okay, it's a lemon," keep the camera down low to the ground and let it wander into the shallow depth-of-field that such a close-up shot would have and then wander out again. Keep the shot short, because there's no way that a lemon is going to roll far, predictably.

If it somehow can do fancy moves, then it's not a "real" lemon, it's an "actor." And you can animate it using stop-motion/keyframe techniques any ol' way you like. Move it along the path, add a rotation at the appropriate speed to match its progress along the path, mix in some wibble-wobble and "print it."

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