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07 July 2004, 02:38 PM
Hey! :) First of all I would like to thank RobertoOrtiz for a great challenge, I've been lurking in these forums for quite some time now and this is the first challenge that actually made me install Maya's learning software and give it a go :) This is my first model ever, so please feel free to critique it to death, I won't take it personal :)

I spent last night and an hour or two this morning to get where I am now. I figured I should be learning dynamics by now, so - are there any good tutorials out there that I can use? I have no idea on how to make this thing work in a simulation.. I also need to learn how to create the ropes and "non-wooden" objects.. any suggestions?

My trebuchet so far - Reference (

Oh, and derbyqsalano, your model is awesome and the sim looks impressive already!


(Update: Playblasts! :D

I finally managed to get the dynamics to work relatively well! The model itself isn't really finished, I still want to add some detail to the model itself, and I want to make dynamic ropes. Time will show if I manage to do that :)

View from target ( - 0.14mb
View from trebuchet ( - 0.22mb
Trebuchet only ( - 0.18mb

They're all encoded with the Xvid-codek (get codek here (

Feedback always appreciated! Thanks! ;)

Update: Target!

I kinda got stuck on the ropes so I decided to move on to the target to avoid loosing my motivation. Here's what I've got so far, the plan is to model a wooden door that gets blown away by the projectile.

07 July 2004, 01:29 PM
Cool Model man, for tutorials, here might be a good source:

I am almost done modeling mine, i might start my simulation this lunch time!

Good Luck man! :)

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