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07 July 2002, 07:47 PM
Hi gang.

I've posted this problem before but I didn't get much help solving it so I'm directing it to the Discreet development team.

I create a particle emitter (say to create a fireball)and animate some of the options (life, opacity, etc..).
I have a couple of particle types in one emitter. One for the head and one for a trailing tail.

I edit the paramaters to get the look that I want. I set my interpolation to linear on the keys that I want to get the effect I want. Everything is fine.

When I go to tweak the settings, by selecting one of the particle types, the interpolation of the life settings gets changed to mixed and my animation curves are screwed up.
So I select all the keys again and change the interpolation back to linear. Everything is fine again.

I select the other particle type to do some tweaking and the same thing happens to the keys in the life settings in this one as well. So I change these back to linear again and everything is fine with this one.

Then I go back to select the other particle type and my curves are screwed again.

I can keep going back and forth between the particle types and every time I select the particle type, the curves revert back to mixed interpolation but they were never set at mixed.

Also, keys will sometimes get added or deleted for no reason.
I will tweak some settings, save, re-open the file and some of the keys will revert back to old settings that I had before or will add or delete keys.

I've had this problem since version 2 and the patch didn't address this problem.

We have three copies of Combustion at work and all have the same problem. This problem has exists on multiple OS's as well. We have it on Win2K and WinXP.

The machines we use are Dual Athlon 1.8GHz with at least 1Gb RAM and GeForce4 Ti 128Meg video cards.

Here are a couple of pics of what happens with the curves.

It's very annoying and time consuming when trying to use the particle systems and I hope this problem can be addressed soon.

Thanks for any help.

Darren Locke
Keyframe Digital Productions

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