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07 July 2004, 01:15 PM

I am a total newb at 3d modeling and I was looking for advice on how to start. I just have a little experience with 3dsmax (I get the chance to play through a few tutorials)

Which Program is the best (and affordable) to start?
Does someone that learns a special program (like 3dsmax or maya) get specialized or can a pro jump around between programs?

07 July 2004, 01:47 AM
well im no pro but have been doing 3d as a hobby for a while...
anyhow back to your me the most affordable program is a free one :D ...wings3d and blender is 2 good free programs that im using right now...wings is a excellent polymodelling prog and blender is a good all in one package (much like 3ds max..modelling, texturing, animation..hell blender has a game engine)...there are a few more free programs but i prefer these two....
from what i can gather, most pros have vast knowledge of a number of programs...but of course, like all of us there are at least one that they prefer most.
so, my advice to you is try out as many progs as u can...most of the have fully functional demos and some are free....heres a few to get u started
3ds max (obviously u r familiar with this), maya, xsi, lightwave, bryce, blender (free), wings3d (free), anim8or (free)....

hope this helps and good luck

captain chapo
07 July 2004, 07:23 AM
well there are a lot of free programs out there that you can use to learn...maya has a free version Maya personal learning edition, and then there are programs like wings 3d/blender 3d, and anim8or that are completely free. there is a thread some where with a list of the free ones...i'll try and find it and give you a link.

ok here it is, check it out :

I imagine that a pro would be able to navigate a number of programs with ease...but i'm not a pro so i can't verify that statement.

07 July 2004, 07:54 AM
I have downloaded maya PLE but this error won´t let me install it (error 1607 or something)

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