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02 February 2002, 07:48 AM
Tell me what you think about this WIP here:

I dont like the color of the wings. I hand tracked the shot because of the surface anatomy, the skins stretchiness makes it impossible to do a 2/4 point track. (well)

Im interested in hearing how I could improve this, I was thinking about making a volumetric light filtering in from above.

02 February 2002, 11:19 PM
First off nice! Very cool.

The first major rotation of her right shoulder does not appear to be fully represented by the right wing, it could be the angle, but a bit of pace in those few frames might be good.

Something about the bright light on the far wall and on her back is bugging me,.. and the dark patch under her left arm..

Maybe the wings could unfold more slowly, perhaps extending beyond thier final position and rotating slightly (along length) before settling into the uniform shape. Like how bird set thier wings after landing.

There is nothing in this preview rez that indicates a strong since of where the local light is comming from, shadow direction and all, so I would be tempted to let her wing shadow extend into the room a bit and see if this does not also provide a bit more contrast to the shadow composite when the right wing is foward and close to the floor.

Any chance of reshooting the plate? Probably not ehh but it seems like the actress does not acknowledge the wings and the action is a little subtle for someone with these things sticking out thier back. If she where to push her arms out in a stretch like motion and orbit her shoulders that would be cool. I would also want to try and intercut another angle to break up that slow dolly if I was da boss man.

I'm just a humble 3D artist and proabaly said some lame stuff just now but I hope some part of my opinion inspires!


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