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Capn Dan
07 July 2004, 02:39 PM
I know it might sound obvious enough to do, but Im having a hell of a time getting it right. Its not like the texture wrapping or anything, its just getting the right look. Im working with maya 5 btw.
I tried a layered texture, that way I could have one layer of the actual surface and then one on top with a cloud shader, but then when I tried to rotate the planet the texture didnt really follow, the planet just kinda pulsated for some reason.
Also, whats the best way to create a planet texture from scratch, say I wanted a few large continents with some ocean on the planet, so just using a straight green texture wouldnt really work out. Right now Im messing with a shader called cracked mud, and just changed the inset part to blue so it looks like water and the raised part of the shader is green to look like land, looks alright not quite what im looking for.
How do I do a realllly realistic convicing planet? Something you would see in a movie.

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