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07 July 2004, 02:00 PM
missing pet posters
Today's topic:

Missing Pet Posters by andrewley

Posted July 5th 10:00 US EST

Welcome to the cgtalk sketch group.

We will try to post one of these topics once a day for your enjoyment.

These are the rules:
* Post only your FINAL piece on this thread, based on the topic on the thread.
* 640 x 480 or 480 x 640
* They can be done on any medium.
* If you wish, you can add a brief text description about your piece.
* Only original compositions. No "tributes" o plagiarizing.
* The topics will be posted every day between 10:00 - 12:00 am US EST.
* The artist also has to post total length of time it took (Thanks Clanger for the idea) and program used.
* Only final pieces can be posted on the thread. They must have been done AFTER the topic has been announced.
* Any piece caught breaking the rules will be taken off the thread.
* The topics will be picked at random from the list on this thread
(The author will be given credit). So guys keep them coming.
*You can add multiple entries, but please dont post WIP (Unless you intend to update them). NEW RULE!
* Ill post ANOTHER thread to quantify and track WHO has participated the most on these threads.

Good luck

PS To submit your topic ideas and suggestions go to this thread:
>>Link<< (

07 July 2004, 03:11 PM
Is that a book? you kinda have that "click on link to get book description" thing going on in your post.

07 July 2004, 05:47 PM
I don't have the "manage attachements" in "additional options" tab, how many post do I have to make to be allowed to post an image or what's the problem?

07 July 2004, 06:08 PM
I don't think that's a book title. I think it's just a consequence of 'copy-n-paste'. I took the liberty of removing the book mention out of the post. Sorry Roberto.

07 July 2004, 07:01 PM
About 50 min. Photoshop

07 July 2004, 08:10 PM
Mine for today.

PS & penpointer 1h 40min

07 July 2004, 08:27 PM
Sorry, but that is really what i see when i've been explained for the meaning of LMAO....

photoshop + 1 hour but nothing red on my face.....


07 July 2004, 09:16 PM
Penna- that is oh so wrong, yet oh so right...
By the way, I think I found it...

07 July 2004, 09:18 PM
So youre saying that your asshole is your pet? I dont know about the rest of you, but that scares me.

07 July 2004, 09:26 PM

heh heh nice one biped

07 July 2004, 09:27 PM
Just had a few minutes to put my idea to paper
maybe I'll find some time to even put it into some moody colours :D

07 July 2004, 09:35 PM

07 July 2004, 10:28 PM
Hi :)

Anyways, I made one for this... I think approx. 45 min to 1 hour.. I lost track of my time. Sorry... painted in Photoshop with Intros2 tablet.

It's about a missing snake..... it's really under her nose, but she doesn't know it! ;)

07 July 2004, 10:47 PM
When's Gimpy coming home Mommy....

20mins Painter/Wacom, hehe I dunno it amused me anyway :D


07 July 2004, 12:39 AM
Hello all!

It has been a while since my previous post. I can really see this "daily-sketch" thing become a classic at this site!

For fun, I decided to give "Harry the Bacillus" yet another role in a picture. Some of you might recognize it from daily-sketch 10: Meeting the In-Laws. So for those of you who got the cold or the flu right now: please check you handkerchief before you sqeeuze it into your pocket. Thank you.

30 min. // Adobe Illustrator

07 July 2004, 01:35 AM
woa, woooa.... i'm only joking with words translation, i don't miss anything... by the way, don't be scared, and, oh, yes it bites....but dont have teeths.... the most you feel its a little "under pressure".....

relax folks.

Biped : nice shoes...but i prefer the cat model...heheheh... after shoe it turns into a drum....

07 July 2004, 04:26 AM
Is that a book? you kinda have that "click on link to get book description" thing going on in your post.
Thanks to Kirt for the save.
Until further notice, the book title idea has been deep sixed.
Thanks, and lets get back to sketching.


07 July 2004, 05:34 AM
Haha Zocarius I love yours ;)

here's my contribution, nothign fancy, just a sketch :D
35min in photoshop and sketching originally in OC

07 July 2004, 10:07 AM
AgentJ, if you colored this and scetch it with a little more detail, it could easily end up as sketch of the week i would say. really well done :thumbsup:

i really like how the boy looks up, thats good :)

07 July 2004, 08:25 PM
Forgive me for my noob question, but how do you post a jpeg to show people your work?

07 July 2004, 09:55 PM

I've never posted an image here before. I just figured out how to post the picture, so please ignore my earlier post.

It took me a little more than an hour in Photoshop.


Todd Elliott

07 July 2004, 10:08 PM
I am running a day late, but I hate missing out on a good topic,

20min chalk and pencil/20 min photo manipulation photoshop/5 min illustrator

07 July 2004, 07:00 AM
Here is may try I hope you got the idea.:D

40minuts ALias sketchbook.

07 July 2004, 12:02 PM
About 50 min in Photoshop with Wacom.

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