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07 July 2004, 09:46 AM
Topic: Supervillains from movies or comic books. It can be an original character, but you have to provide concept art or reference images. Try to go for someone who LOOKS really menacing. If someone can look at this character for the first time, and see right away that it's evil and menacing, then you're on the right track.

The models made must be 3000 TRIANGLES or less - including their props and accessories.

Maximum texture size is 1024x1024. You can use 3 maps - Diffuse, Alpha Transparency, and Specular/Normal Map. I don't really see a reason to have a specular AND normal map, but you can use either. There's a new thread on normal maps, and nVidia has a tool for photoshop to convert from height maps, if you prefer.

Same as before, a thread must be started in the appropriate forum so feedback and progress reports can be posted. As in the previous contest, multiple entries will not be allowed, so post your choice in this thread.

Your WIP thread should be named as follows:

Game Art Comp 8: (Characters name) - (Movie/Comic Title)


Game Art Comp 8: Boba Fett - Star Wars

If it is an origianl character, you should use:

Game Art Comp 8: (Character Name) - Original Work

Make sure you post in your WIP thread, so you can get feedback as you progress. Half the fun of the contest is seeing the progression!

1) Reference image/s of your selected character. As clear as you can get them, showing as much of the character as possible - especially if it is a little known character. This makes life easier for the judges.

2) 1 perspective view, 1 orthographic front view, and 1 orthographic side view screencaps of the model. They should be viewport captures of the solid wireframe view mode (or equivalent), with no texturing visible. Compile the 3 views into one image.
Make sure you use default viewport lighting and hide any items that may obscure these screencaps (bones, lights, cameras etc..)

3) Selection of perspective images showing off your character at different angles, or in different poses (if rigged). Images should be compiled into one picture, and it must be no bigger than 1024x768.

4) Show us the texture for the character.
One image showing the texture used. If you want, you can overlay the UVs on top to show them unwrapped.

5) A single posed image - Pose your model and render it with a background. Render it as you see fit, and use whatever methods you feel will portray it well. There are no limitations other than the model must be posed. If your model is not rigged, then it should be deformed into a pose. Make the image no bigger than 800x600.

I need Judges to volunteer - As always, the system is...

3 points for 1st place
2 points for 2nd place
1 point for 3rd place

Judges are asked to make their decision based on mesh construction, flexibility, poly density/topology, UVW mapping, and texture painting, with a strong emphasis on the credibility and likeness of the character.

Current judges are:


The winner of this competition will get to choose the subject and terms of the next competition.

07 July 2004, 11:24 AM
okay, first submission :)

reference pics




beauty shot

07 July 2004, 01:32 PM
Name: Shocker
From: Spider-man comics

Triangles: 2340


orthographic views

link (


color (
bump (

perspective renders

beauty shot

link (

07 July 2004, 03:43 PM
Wow. I'm blown away. Looks like a lot of us didin't have the time to finish this comp and there were a lot of threads. Congratulations to you two for completing it.

07 July 2004, 04:04 PM
Reference :

Wires :

Posed :

Textures :

Diffuse (

Normal (

Final Render :

07 July 2004, 04:29 PM
Name: Mr. Mint
From: Candyland / Original

Triangles: 3000

Reference Image (
I basically winged it with the changes... no concept designs to speak of. He's supposed to be along the lines of American McGee's Alice. He's no longer the friendly Mint Chopper from Candyland... After going insane and deciding he was ineffective as a mint harvester with his weak flesh he has transferred his brain into a giant steam powered threshing machine. He had his face attached to the head of the robot, for sentimental reasons.



Alternate Views:

Final Render:

07 July 2004, 05:37 PM
As this is my first experience with the CGTalk community, I'd like to thank everyone for there crits and ideas. Without your motivation, I don't think
I would have taken this model as far as I did. I'm glad to be a part of such a helpful community.

Model - Monev the Gale from Trigun
3000 Triangles
1024x1024 Diffuse
1024x1024 Specular

Reference Images -

Viewport Wires -

Poses -

Diffuse Map -

Specular Map -

Beauty Render -

07 July 2004, 08:03 PM
I appreciate all the comments you guys through at my work in wip and I'm humbly grateful, without them I don't think I would have even finished in time, there just what the DR. ordered.. :thumbsup:

Darkstalkers Revenge ( capcom villin )

Jedah ( AKA. Smoothly-dressed Grim Reaper)

actual tri count 2988 including scythe

here's the refs -

wires -

textures -

Extras -

Final image -

War Destroyer
07 July 2004, 05:06 AM


07 July 2004, 05:13 AM
War Destroyer very good work, :applause:

07 July 2004, 11:27 PM
I certainly loved the character. I know it's difficult to capture 'menacing' when the villian is feminine and not covered in muscles and blood. This character is challenging. The face looks rather cartooney. Long head and face extrudes out a lot. Arms and legs are very linear, tapering would have helped out, or even adding some folds into the mesh. The groin texturing needed more wrinkles too, which could have been done in texturing. Overall the texturing needed more work. Although it's a flat colored non-variant coat, you needed to add those subtle variations to make it believable. The gun needs to be something other than all black too. Not very believable.

Slick. I like the texturing. I can really see the pattern popping out at me. The mesh looks very quakish, and I dunno if it needed to be so 'ripped'. The concept character looks rather average-joe, but in a costume. In a videogame, yours would look sweet, but trying to match the concept art, I dunno if it totally did. Your texture sheet is clean. You could have mirrored the face and other parts, to save you the time... up to you. No real variations preventing you from doing it. Hmmm... can't find the wire view. So can't comment on poly use or edge loops.

I'll assume that you were going for realistic and not to match the cell shaded coloring look of the concept art. Looks like there are a bunch of polys in the belt/belly section. I think there could be some simplifying going on there. Especially with the face/eyes. There are no eyes there, just red dots in black, so I don't see the need for all the poly cuts there. Overall the textures make it look menacing, but also makes it looks muddy. They look metallic, but they looks blurry/smeared at the same time. I would like to see more contrast and variation instead of everything being bluish/gray. And with the final poses, they are cool, but if you are gonna do all the the trouble, go the bit further and do the hands too. They really scream frozen (like the matrix videogame) where they looks like they are ready to break boards 24/7. Well remembered villian from childhood and could use another go around at the texturing to make it really good. But it's pretty good as is.

I really don't know what this is, so I'll plead ignorance here. Reads to me like you just made it up off of the Candy character you posed? Dunno... don't see too much resemblance. I really like the stove as the belly. That's cool. The rest of the metal parts look very very plain. No detail here. This thing could be very wicked and evil, right now he just looks too plain though. All the arms and legs pieces are the same texture with no variation. YOu could have layered those over each other in the texture sheet, freeing up room to make the weapons more detailed. The blade and saw both have a plastic, plain look to them too. Props given for creativity here, separates you from the rest, but rushed texturing takes points away.

Thanks for all the reference pics, it helps when judging. Personally, I would have liked to see him stay more purple and less pink. I see lots of work went into the muscle painting, good job. Although he still looks kinda rubbery. All the metal parts are really nice and contrast (too much?) with the suit. I like the shin guards. Face is the focal points for me with pieces, and that looks really blurry. Try to leave yourself more texture space for focal points like that.

Reminds me of Morrigan :) Probably the wings, that's why. Nice slick mesh. Noticed that from the start. The texturing of the face and headset look like you went over it with the smear finger in PS. I'm not saying they are blurry, just smeary. Otherwise, I think the textures flow well throughout and his light blue flesh contrasts with the purple suit. Texture sheet could use a little more optimization, other than that, i like it.

War Destroyer:
Right off from the start I recognized it. But at the same time, he looks like a midget. I'm sorry, but he does. Midgets aren't very menacing. The muscle painting is well done. The rest of the parts look plain. I would like to see some highlights and reflections built into the texture sheet. Especially at the neck piece. So my advice would be to make the legs a little longer, or just tweak the proportions to make him looks more gigantic. Yeah, with some nice metal texturing and highlights, I think it would help all the poses pop more. Face looks really good though. I like the rigged mouth too. and the facial expressions!

For me, Hanzo popped easily as the winner.

Hanzo = 3
Elysium = 2
War Destroyer = 1

07 July 2004, 12:41 AM
Hmmm... can't find the wire view. So can't comment on poly use or edge loops.That would be my orthographic views, linked right after my concept.
And he's ripped because skinny guys in hotpants are scary:eek: . I should have linked to my thread.

Wire Views (

07 July 2004, 02:06 AM
I really don't know what this is, so I'll plead ignorance here. Reads to me like you just made it up off of the Candy character you posed? Dunno... don't see too much resemblance.
I added a bit of a description to try and lessen further confusion.

07 July 2004, 09:01 AM
Im to late, but, for those of you curious, here is Lady Selene, from the X-men comics. In the ref, she is just beeing introduced as Black Queen of Hellfire club, a position earlier held by Jean Grey in an evil Phoenix moment...

Im just attatching all the images, as tumbnails...first wire and refs..then in the next post, textures and final renderedimage

07 July 2004, 09:04 AM
more images of Selene among them the elusive final render...

07 July 2004, 10:07 PM
Good job everyone!

I like the choice of character, and as the only one who attempted to do an actor, you took the trickiest chalenge. A few of the proportions are a bit off, and the body seems very rigid - mostly cylinders, with little definition or shape. White is probably one of the hardest colours to work with in game art, you should keep in mind for next time that hardly any of the white surface will get to being a pure white. In the super contrasting promo picture you can see a lot of white, but if you look at the in-movie shot, his whole suit comes in at more of a cream, with only the uppermost highlights pure white. Good job finishing this one all the way, practice that can only help on future projects!

One of my favorites for sure, you've done a great job capturing the look of this supervillian. You've varied somewhat from the concept, which is good, since the concept is outdated. My main crit, besides what Neil noted, would be the bump mapping you put on the cross-hatch. It seems to me that the cross hatching was supposed to represent a net covering, in which case it should've bumped out, not in. The shading also seems a little washed out, but great job, especially since you claim you don't do texturing!

Decent likeness of a great character. I mentioned a few crits already in your thread. In addition to these, I'd put a bit more contrast between the armour plates and the rest. It all seems to blend together. The specularity settings you chose make it look like rubbery plastic, great for your toy render, not so good if it was supposed to be metal, cloth and skin. Try making the highlight tighter and brighter. Also add some of the same colour to it as the metal, to keep it away from looking plastic.

Definately the most original idea in the competition, also one of the more original ideas of seen on this site! He feels a bit unfinished though, there's no shading on any of the parts, or detailing for any of the metal. I'd bake a lighting pass on the whole model, and use that as an overlay on your texture, pick out some highlights, and then add the rust and gore. You've got the lines in the right place on the face, but I think it could've helped it a lot to shade them a lot more, bringing that shading out a lot further, to get a more dramatic scowl.

Parts of this are really great. The belts, for example, really have a great feel to them, despite needing probably just a touch more contrast. On the other hand, his muscles aren't quite right. Some of them are in the wrong spot, some are too small compared to others that are quite big. Also, you've painted them more like a heightmap than a highlight. Try bringing the brightest part to the top of the shape, rather than the outermost part. I was also kinda dissapointed that even though you modeled and textured his face, you didn't put any transparency in his mask, so we could see it. Stylistically though, you've made a nice peice. I particularily like the shot in front of the moon. It seems like it's straight out of Trigun!

Some really good modeling there, good edgeloops. I think you could've pushed the syle a bit more, the original had much more exaggerated features, something that really makes it stand out. Texturing is good, but there's a bunch of improbable detail on him that just comes out as noise, I'm afraid. It's a good model, but I think you could've pushed it much further.

War Destroyer:
Never liked this character much, but you've done a great job bringing him to 3D! I can't really fault the modeling, you've laid everything out nice and neat, and it looks to be a very robust character for animation. The texturing is good, but because you've used white to do all your highlighting, it's come out rather washed out looking. Try using the Variations feature in Photoshop to add some colour to the highlights and shadows.

Nice job, you got this done very quickly, and for that I commend you! I can kinda tell that you mostly used that one reference of her from the front view, because directly from the front, she looks quite good. From the side, however, she looks very rigid, and a few of the details, like the hair, look like you couldn't quite decide what to do with them. It's an old comic you've used for reference, and back then, they didn't tend to use very much colour. You've stuck quite close to that, which is good in it's own way, but I think this model could've stood to have more vibrancy to it.

ElysiumGX 3 points
War Desroyer 2 points
hanzo 1 point

07 July 2004, 10:12 PM
awesome competition, really loving the Shocker and Jedah, great work to everyone though!

07 July 2004, 10:30 PM
Ok, so another Game Art Comp is over. And a few of you actualy managed to complete your entries. CONGRATULATIONS! And to the rest of you, who didn´t: good job anyway!

Here are my votes:

1 point (3rd place)

Nice and clean mesh, though I think there are some polys that could have been better used. You´ve done a good job on the texture, but the metalparts looks a bit too cartoony, in comparsion to the rest of the texture. Overall, you´ve got a fine piece of character.

2 points (2nd place)
War Destroyer

What I like the most is how well your textures work with the mesh. Your textures are very smooth, but you could have used your UV-space better. There are som wasted pixels...
The clolors look a little dull though, with mainly brightness variation. Some hue variations in the shadows/highlights would have been nice. But I really like what you´ve got. Looks nice!

3 points (1st place)

Great use of the polys here. They give your character a smooth silouette, even though there is much detail. The texture is nicely drawn, and the layout is clean with very few pieces. Too bad you didn´t use all the texturespace allowed... But anyway, you get my highest score.

Sorry for me being so lazy and not writing any more. But it´s in the middle of the night now, and I have to go home and get some sleep :)

07 July 2004, 01:47 AM
For my own purposes I'll give these a rating of 1-10. 1 being what you'd expect a first timer with little to no experience in a modeling program and/or anatomy. 10 would be the highest professional and artistic quality. Something you'd find in the ideal game where every artist is able to have enough time to model and texture at the peak of their ability. I'll try and provide examples for each entry on what a 10 could/should look like.

This should be a learning experience, so I'll try and give my honest opinion and constructive criticism, although for this purpose, the work here is 'finished'.

The Twins - Matrix Reloaded

Model - (4)
This model reminds me of a model that would have been made for a Half-Life Matrix mod. That says alot for a game that came out in 1998. Nothing really stands out as being a good part to look at, other than the upper torso. For something in the neighborhood of 3000 polys, I'd expect alot more attention to detail put into the face, and capturing the likeness. I think you got the nose in there good, but the rest falls pretty short. The segments that are placed in the arm are way too close to add any benefit in animation. The hair lacks any kind of 'noodly' shape and resembles more of an Egyptian Headress.
Perfect 10- (2679 tris)

Texture - (2)
If a model needs work, there is only so much that can be done with the texture. It doesn't help that in this case it would be hard to make it look great with a nice texture. One of the main things that catch my eye is the rushed look to both the unwrap and the texture (Maybe these challenges should be made longer, so that a higher standard of quality could more easily be reached and by more people). There is a lot of wasted space here. What makes it worse is that there are a number of areas that don't get any texture space at all. They are planar mapped and the edges get left behind in the dust. The head was given an extraordinarily amount of space considering the lack of any detail put into it's texture. The jpg's don't help either. The compression makes it hard to find any hidden details, if they even existed. No details were put into the gun, as well. If you are going to give him a prop, make sure you put more than 10 seconds into the texture.
Perfect 10-

Likeness - (2)
With the previous comments, I'd find it hard to give the likeness a higher point value. All I can say is to keep learning. The perfect 10 shots I posted were from John Turner's portfolio. You can find info on it, including the source files from his site-
This would be the ideal level of quality I'd expect to see in this particular character, for this particular challenge for someone that would win the challenge. This makes me wish I actually had the time to finish my entry.
Perfect 10-

Shocker - Spiderman

Model - (7)
There isn't much for me to say on this one. For a relatively generic character, it was captured very well. The porportions are, for the most part, authentic to the superhero/villain style. The muscles look good and round, so they give him a fairly beefy profile. The only areas that concern me the most are the metal pieces that he has on his arms, waist and feet. For 2300 polys, a few hundred more could have been put into those areas to spice him up more, and bring you're own feel to him. You could have even made some sprite pieces for special effects. That would have won me over, for sure.

Texture - (7)
The level of detail on this guy is mostly hit and miss. There isn't much in the way of wasted space, although I'm not sure what's going on between his legs and feet. Probably just some bits that were'nt able to fit elsewhere. If it weren't for the criss-cross pattern in the costume, the texture would look no worse at half it's size. The only sharp detailing is found in the criss crossed lines, and around his vest/boot seams. There could have been alot more going on in the metal pieces to set this character apart(seams, scratches, dials, vents, bolts, etc).

Likeness - (8)
The model and texture are spot on as to capturing the likeness of the character. I can only wonder what could have been changed/altered to the overall composition of the design to make him look less like a walking rubber glove, and more like a menacing villain. If you are given the chance to alter/redesign a character, do it. Nothing is keeping the others from doing it too.
On a side note- the beauty shot should be something that would strike fear and terror into an individual, not confuse them as to their sexual preference.
Perfect 10- Closest things I can find are the characters from City of Heroes and Freedom Force. Even then, there's are more like 9's. :S

Shredder - TMNT

Model - (7)
Another one that is pretty well spot on target. Looks like shredder, and could easily be identified as him. The hand and feet look a bit long, and since the hands aren't weighted to fingers in the poses, it really draws attention to them. There are some areas that could have been optimized, namely the spikes on the armor. These could have easily been planes with an alpha mapped transparency applied. This should have given you plenty of room to add the sash that comes off his waist. You could have also taken a number out of his abs, if needed. There is a good assemblage of polys that don't add much to the profile, and could have easily been shown in the texture.

Texture - (3)
The unwrap looks fairly standard. I could see some areas that could have been mirrored to allow for more pixel density, but what is the point if no time is spent on the texture. I can almost name each of the textures that were used on this character. These would have been fine, if used as an overlay to add to the detail painted on there, but not by themselves (again, more time could have done wonders for this model). This texture actually takes away from the detail of the model, especially when you look at what the bumpmap does to it. The jaggedly drawn lines in the armor and elsewhere, almost cause me mental pain.

Likeness - (6)
It still looks like Shredder, but only because of the profile. The texture is very muddy, and confuses any detail that could be seen when looking at it. The render is cute, but again, does not strike fear into my soul. I can only wonder how much time was spent on the beuty render that could have been well spent on the textures.
The perfect 10 I'd look towards would be the Green Goblin in the Spiderman games. The shinyness and shape lend a similar profile to both of them.

Mr. Mint - Candyland

Model - (9)
I can't see much in the way of wasted polys on this monstrosity. But that is to be expected on a non organic model. The shape reminds me of some sort of steam powered tippy bird that goes up and down drinking water, or pressing the 'y' key. For a more original design, this one defninitly generates interest. It certainly does remind me of the Mad Hatter in it's lanky, hunched appearance.

Texture - (6)
For a complete overhaul of the original character, I think I would have been able to keep more familiarity by implementing more of the peppermint stick in it's texture. The hat is too small to warrant it as the only carryover. Maybe a weathered looking paint scheme on the boots and arms could have livened up his rather dark and plain look. The face texture wooks fine, but there isn't much in the way of detail other than what is on the boiler, and saws. Maybe dents, blood stains, rust, holes, etc could have been put in those areas. There isn't much in the way of wasted space in the unwrap, but if the same texture was going to be used on that much of the model, you could have saved alot of space by having those parts all overlap on a smaller portion of the map.

Likeness - (5)
For such a cute and cuddly character (was it the enemy in Candy Land? I never played it as a kid), the only remaining visage is the hat, and partly the face. This was mentioned in the idea behind the character, but I think a lot more could have been on the design wise, especially in the texture to make it somewhat obvious you'd know what character this would be if you at least told them this would be Candy Land if done by American McGee.

Monev the Gale - Trigun

Model - (6)
That is one beefy lookin dude. I think he's too beefy in fact. The only real defined muscles I can see are the biceps. The rest are all mushed together to create some sort of marshmallow look. I think this is the big thing that hurts this model. The proportion of the muscles leads the eyes away from the torso and head and out to the big cylinders and clunky hands. There could have been alot added here to bring some style and finesse by cutting out alot of the excess polys in the musculature and putting them into modeling those big chain gun bracelets.
Ideal direction for model-

Texture - (7)
The layout of the uv's is nice here, and there isn't anything I'd do differently in regards to the unwrap. The texture looks to be about 70% complete. As such, the purple muscly bits aren't modeled with any real definition to them (something that would have helped the look of the model). This guy looks to have some extra muscles in him, as well. Veins could have been added, some extra detail like an overlay, or slight bumpy texture could have been applied to his tights to give it interest up close.
Here's a toy that was made (lot's of small details, all over)-

Likeness - (7)
Looks alot like the character in the cartoon picture there, but not much else. The profile looks spot on, but the style that his proportions were carried out in, don't appeal to me as being a good style to use.

Jedah - Darkstalkers

Model - (8)
This one follows the concept pretty close, so not much to say on that end. The wireframe shot makes it hard to see the real porportions as he's pointing away from the camera as you go up. The legs don't look as skinny as the concept though. I think that lent a more stylized look.
I wish I could see the face better, it's hard to see what's going on as it's pretty small.

Texture - (7)
The one thing that catches my eye in both the texture flat and it applied to the model is it's consistency (or lack thereof). You mentioned that you did not like the way it looked being colored flat. I'd agree with you on that, but the details that you added don't make much sense. What's worse is that there seems to be different styles going on in each part of the body. You've got some organic ridges and highlights in the head, but not elsewhere. The legs get really dark seams and strong highlights, but no place else. In the concept, the dark blue areas on the costume look to be made from the same material. But on the model you have three separate styles that don't seem to work well together. It's almost like these were drawn by three separate people.

Likeness - (6)
For anyone that knows the Darkstalkers series, I'm pretty sure they'd be able to recognize him by just the sillhouette(unless he has a younger brother that looks just like him). There was some creative steps that went into the texture to spice it up, but it falls a little flat by being disjointed. You should have stuck to one thought process and went with it.

War Destroyer
Thanos - Marvel Comics

Model - (8)
Now this model looks spot on. There isn't much I can see that needs fixing other than the shoulder points on his collar look a bit too sharp in comparison to the original drawings. This reminds me of the meefy male character model from Freedom Force. The face also has a lot of character in it. Could easily double as an Apocalypse.

Texture - (8)
I think this one could use another day or two in the oven. It's just so close to being a very nice texture. This one also would fall into the category of not losing detail when shrunk down to 512x512. There is some extra detail that starts to get put into his mouth and chin area, but that's it. There aren't any fine details or texture to these areas. The metal in particular could have used more emphasis on a reflective light. I can see some small areas where it is there, but not enough to make a good statement. The muscles are well defined and look nicely shaped, but the light doesn't seem to be coming from anywhere. There are also areas on the boot and glove cuffs that could have had some extra detail like seams or other decorative motifs. You can see them clearly in the concept art, but nothing is there in the skin. All things aside, the unwrap does what it needs to rather nicely, although I think everything could have been pushed closer to each other and get another 10-20% extra room.

Likeness - (7)
This one has loads of character in it. The poses capture his menacing tone, and his facial morphs only add to it. This one could easily be a 9 or 10 with just some extra time spent on it. I'd recommend that the next challenges have a longer build time. Since most of us actually have lives outside of these and other forums, it'd be nice to get enough time for a higher majority of the entrants to finish. Especially if the polycount and texture requirements are of modest size.

I've averaged the scores given to each of the entrants here, and here are the results of the top 3:

hanzo - Jedah (7.3) - 1 Point

ElysiumGX - Shocker (7.0) - 2 Points

War Destroyer - Thanos (7.7) - 3 Points

07 July 2004, 04:05 AM
I wish people would stop pointing me to that toy. I knew about it. You can't google for Monev the Gale without seeing it. If I wanted to model him that way, I would have, but I decided to base him off of the anime version. It was my choice and I guess I made the wrong one, cuz you all seem to like the toy concept better. (sigh)

Don't mind me. I'm still a little discouraged that a judge has yet to place my model. :sad:

07 July 2004, 08:47 AM
Hey guys... some nice entries this time around... Congrats to those that finished.

Unfortunate for me, it is 1:45 in the morning right now and I am still at work animating my little fingers raw. I apologize that due to the crunch I am in, and will be in for the following 2 months, I cannot devote the time I wanted to to post my judgement. Please do not hold up the next contest waiting for my judging.

Again, congratulations...and I am looking forward to the next challenge...

07 July 2004, 09:02 PM
Okay, here we go.... Once again, I'll give everyone a few comments.

Crimson13 - I think you need to brush up on your anatomy. The figure is a little stiff, and disproportioned. You might try modeling over the orthographic reference images. Also, since you had the actor as reference, I would have used the photos as a base for the texture. The long hair and trenchcoat make this a really challenging character to attempt, but you came through, and finished.

ElysiumGX - Great update on oldskool. The anatomy was good, and you used polies well. I think you could have used the rest of you poly budget to make the eyes look better, sunken in more, but it worked out ok. There's a texture seam issue on the chest, which is a bad place to mess up, but the overall feel of the character was great. And no short shorts. Short shorts are bad.

Jo|{er - You came a long way in this comp. A few things, though - His chest is a little wider in the ref, and the plates of the helmet are angled a little more, giving it more dramatic edges. Just little details, though. The feeling of the character came across pretty well. The texture seems a bit noisy, and needs a little more contrast in the seperate peices, I think. Every piece being so similar makes him less distinct - more like a thug, than a supervillain. I also would have liked to see a suggestion of his face in the texture. I loved what you did with your beauty render. The blister pack was inspired!

pluckylump - You scare me. This was such a cool idea. This guy just creeps me out. The texture bothered me, though - It would have been cool if you had worn candy cane paint on some of the peices. Also, the arm and leg joints don't seem appropriate. Overall, it seems to be a conglomeration of three elements: candy-striped, aluminum/plastic, and iron. It needs to be tied together more. Still, it's so creepy.

Strider3030 - The first thing I noticed was the color of the texture. The purple seems a bit too red, compared to the reference. Also, the muscles don't look long enough, such as in the thighs. He looks fairly close to the reference, but he seems too smooth - The anime character has a lot of angles.

Hanzo - I thought this was modeed very well. The lower wings seem to be missing the lighter half, though. The texture seems very plastic, and the face seems a bit squatty. I would have liked to see orthographic views of the character, but the back of the jacket looks a bit low. It's hard to tell, since the refs seem to have varying changes here and there, but, what can you do?

War Destroyer - I thought the model was very close to the reference, though I think he needed thicker muscles at the base of the neck (trapezius), and the head should probably be alittle smaller (as in the left reference.) He does look a bit short, instead of massive - that may be because the references are using worm's eye views, and you did not. On the texture, the muscles seem too defined, as if he has very thin skin. It gives him a knobby look, and there seem to be too many serratus muscles. Lastly, the Texture is really saturated, and it's a little distracted. I loved the posed wireframes!

Isabelle - The upper body looks very good, but the thighs seem very tubular. Overall, I think you need to use more anatomical reference, since the comic reference was not very detailed, especially in the face. Maybe if you thought of an actress/model that would resemble the character, then modeled her? The texture was a bit muddy, and the face and hair weren't very convincing, for me. I guess you were running low on polies, but the ankle bracelets actually add some cool flair to the costume, Overall, I think you followed the reference well, but it wasn't a very good drawing to begin with. I suggest adding realistic anatomy to your reference set.


1st place: ElysiumGX, Shocker - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 3 pts.

2nd place: Hanzo, Jedah - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2 pts.

3rd place: Strider3030, Monev the Gale - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 pt.

07 July 2004, 06:04 PM
I really appreciate all the crits. Thank you to all the judges that took time out to help out. Competitions like this can only make us better.

Thanks again

07 July 2004, 08:29 PM
shoot I wish I would have had more time to work on the textures, well it's all cool. I love all the C&C this is what make CGtalk worth while, so that we all may improve our skillz, I just wanted to give thanks to the top community :thumbsup:.

07 July 2004, 12:24 AM
congrats to all those who finished - awesome work guys!
(my pc is still not fixed :cry: )

07 July 2004, 12:46 AM
More time would have done wonders. Many of the crits I've received from the judges were already pointed out to me by my girlfriend during the process of designing it...hehe. So now I'm being reminded that I should have listened. But, time was a factor. I'm just proud of myself for doing this quality of work in only a weeks time.

I hope those final judges post soon. The suspense is killing me. Plus, I'm ready for the next contest to begin.

07 July 2004, 03:54 PM
Sorry for the late judging, but ive only just come back from holiday and ive had very little sleep due to a 3am flight :cry: - so forgive my ruthlesness :twisted:

Crimson 13 - matrix twin
Nice character - a challenge due to his coat and the fact that he is white all over. The model is good, with good use of polys, but i think that the texture work is poor - it lacks detail and definition, and looks kinda blurry.

Elsuim GX - Matress man / Shocker
Dubious concept pic, but you managed to improve on it by bulking him up and making him a little bit more menacing. Excellent mesh - possibly the best in the competition, but i think the texture is a little dull - it lacks detail and 'plausibility' - like i cant tell what the criss cross fabric is made of and wether the black lines are beveled or painted on. Also, the metal texture is a bit basic. Love the beauty render - very funny!

Joker - Shredder
Great use of polys and good modeling. However, there are things that i think let it down. The space between his wrist and his knuckles is still waaaay too long, and his feet look huge. Another thing is that the textures are kinda muddy and confusing - it lacks definition, clarity and contrast - especially on the head / face. I think that you relied too much on photos of metal, and not painting them carefully by hand. He also doesnt look as 'dynamic' as the reference.

Pluckylump - Mr mint
Nice concept - the only original one to make the deadline - i love your description of the characters origins! Looking nice, but the legs and arms lack the detail that is present elsewhere, and the metal textures look kinda dark and brown - not much detail or definition, while other bits (joints, saws & face) look too simple and light. Congrats on posing it - it helps a lot with 'seeing' the character.

Strider 3030 - Monev the gale
Its looking a lot better than the early pics i saw now that hes looking more realistic and less cartoony. Nice textures, with good muscle definition, but the model is not quite up to par - the topology could be optimised and constructed in a better way that would also help deformation and muscle definition (take a look at elsiumGX's entry for an example). Nice presentation, wity good references and generous texture images.

Hanzo - Jedah
Superb character design, and great execution. Excellent poly distribution, though im not sure if he needs so many around his wrists or on his buttons. Great, stylised textures that are suited to the character. The only faults i can see is that his face doesnt look evil enough - he looks too smooth and rounded, and the other downside is that the final render is a bit weak - its hard to see the details when seen from so far. - More renders!

War destroyer - thanos
Egh - i hate these american chunky comic book style meat monkeys, so ill try to forget my predjudice for now... Best thing about this is the likeness - he looks very much like the reference - especially the proportions. Nice clean geometry with good use of polys and nice textures. I think the overall result is good, but it looks kinda dull and plainative - i think the maps need more contrast and detail for this to be fixed.

Isabelle - lady selene
Nice geometry, if a little wasteful on certain areas (legs, arms). She looks evil, and a lot like the reference, but that is part of the problem - the textures look kind of unfinished, like you cant decide between cartoony or realistic, but saying that, the creases in the cloth are painted superbly on your maps. I would have liked to have seen her rigged up, instead of based accurately on that one ref pic.


1st place ----- Hanzo - Jedah - 3 points
2nd place ----- ElysiumGX - shocker - 2 points
3rd place ----- War destroyer - thanos - 1 point

Im shocked that so many could not make the deadline, as i had several favourites i would've loved to see finished. Lady deathstrike, Kroenen, GoGo Yubari, Vicious officer, skeletor - and most of all i really wanted to see Gamoron's excellent molegomon original character! That stood a strong chance of winning!

Judging was tough, but i think that hanzo's character was by far the best - i hope he wins!

Congrats to all those who entered and booooo to all those who teased us with reference images and didnt lay down a single poly!

07 July 2004, 11:28 AM
So, it's down to CGMonkey to vote, but I think if he hasn't by the end of today, we should move on, and declare a winner based on tallies so far. Whaddayou guys think?

07 July 2004, 12:31 PM
we should move on, and declare a winner based on tallies so far. Whaddayou guys think?
Based on the tallies so far, I believe Hanzo and I are tied with 13 points. CGMonkeys decision would be helpful, unless we want to collaborate on the next challenge.

07 July 2004, 12:43 PM
Well.. What can I say? I'm not qualified to make such a decision. A collaboration I vote!

07 July 2004, 04:19 PM
HAHA! Perhaps I shouldn't have said anything.:wise:

07 July 2004, 07:56 PM
I think that would be cool, hmm actually since we're tide I'm just going to give you the responsibiltiy to pic the next challenge and lets leave it at a tie. We all worked hard and came out great, that's all I ever want..

so everybodies cool:beer:
ElysiumGX man it's all up to you, go for it buddy!:thumbsup:

07 July 2004, 02:41 AM
I think that would be cool, hmm actually since we're tide I'm just going to give you the responsibiltiy to pic the next challenge and lets leave it at a tie. We all worked hard and came out great, that's all I ever want..

so everybodies cool:beer:
ElysiumGX man it's all up to you, go for it buddy!:thumbsup:
If only you knew I spent the whole day planning to tell you the same thing. Crap! Ok, a tie it is...and if it's alright with Lekku, pass the torch to me and I'll start the next contest this weekend. Does this mean I'm disqualified from winning the next challenge? Because I plan on it!:scream:

To the judges, and everyone who contributed to this contest...great job, and feel free to PM me and discuss ideas for the next challenge. I want something that will keep everyone excited while still raising the bar of quality game design. I start school in two days, so any help is appreciated.

Also...check out hanzo's MachineFlesh entry. It's awesome!

07 July 2004, 04:38 PM
Godspeed, son. As far as two in a row, You can make an entry, but that brings up issues when you are also a judge, and it seems customary to not run two in a row, but, it's no longer in my hands, so you pretty much just make the decision based on the community's responses.

So, ElyisumGX and Hanzo get to share the award for Game Art Comp 8. The coveted "Baby Bling-Bling" award! Enjoy.

07 July 2004, 07:29 PM
Nice award! It makes me weep in sorrow that i neglected to enter, and thus, scupper my chances of winning such a prestigious award!

By the way - did the submissions thread ever get plugged? and how long did it stay on front page? I was away all last week.

07 July 2004, 08:00 PM
No plug as far as I remember. But it isn't too late. Let give these winners some credit on the front page!

07 July 2004, 12:05 AM
Yes, please give this thread a good rating, and contact the moderators to recomend it for the front page!

07 July 2004, 03:29 AM
Should we wait? I have the next contest written out already, just need to work on it a bit. I'll be posting it Friday night. You can plug #9 then. Up to both perhaps.

07 July 2004, 12:29 PM
As far as I'm concerned, start it up! Whats the subject?

07 July 2004, 03:50 AM
OK, I couldn't keep you waiting much longer.

Game Art Competition #9 has begun. I hope it's suitable for everyone to enjoy, so get an early start over the weekend. Moderators please make the necessary changes to thread stickyness and front page plugs at your convenience.

Thanks go to CGMonkey, Hanzo, and Lekku.

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