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06 June 2004, 11:43 PM
I'm creating my student demo reel, and I have 7 weeks left to work on it. I'm looking for critique on the animation, as well as any ideas to help improve the story.

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07 July 2004, 10:18 AM
just great, very original story too. i like how the kid looks like fry, i think that makes it more enjoyable. the story is very funny, the only thing i would finess is some of the animation, timing...

when the kid peeks around the corner after getting his laser guy. i think its to slow for that little sequence. i just remember seeing several times when the animation seemed like it should have happend quicker. the other thing was some more fluidity to the animation. when the kid jumps to hug his dad and drops it looks like he dropped standing. i would put some downward motion to him as he hits and let him come back up.

when the dad lifts the chair, i think you could add more to that little scene. he just SLOWLY lifts it up. maybe have his feet shuffle or something?

when the dad gets the gun back, he is upset with his kid and there is alot of slowed down actions i think. i think alot could be sped up there. i tried to be helpful here because i truly liked your animation. just those timing, more motions to certain scenes seemed like they needed more work i thought. the dad seemed like he was 70 years old or something.

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