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06-29-2004, 06:45 PM
Concept Art : Pirate Girl

Reference Image ( Korean artist 'crazyhoya' ) :

06-29-2004, 08:15 PM
whoa, i love that style man, and the way the ch are set up is sweet.

Michael Chen
06-29-2004, 08:44 PM
Another nice piece of artwork Pene Menn.

One thing, it just looks a bit odd the way the pirate grips onto his knife. It's probably just the angle.

06-29-2004, 09:42 PM
i like this picture but you should add some more details on the other characters in the background :)
i agree with Michael Chen's post.
the pirate in front looks well done but his right hand looks odd ... :p (i tried out the same position and it hurts ... "outsch" :p )
there should be the backside of the right hand.
nice work, hope to see the corrected version (if you gonna change the wrist). ;)

06-29-2004, 10:04 PM
the art style looks like those old illustrated bibles. Though of course the bible doesn't have pirates in it, really. :P good stuff man.

06-30-2004, 05:47 AM
Cromo, Michael Chen, cr0ss, RainAndRedGlass ~

Thank you very much all for the compliments and goooood crits ~!!! :)

Your gooood crits are very helpful for me. and i will try ~!!! :)

06-30-2004, 06:06 AM
nothing much to critic here but i do agree with adding up more details
good job!:thumbsup:

06-30-2004, 06:49 AM
is this your draft, isn't it?i think that all things are rignt except the position of the girl and the man and the hand as they that position,the girl could not cut the hair of the front man.hope see your complete work!! :applause:

06-30-2004, 07:37 AM
i just visited your website,your artworks are all amazing!!!!! :thumbsup:

06-30-2004, 03:54 PM
passover ~ thank you very much, passover ~!!! :)

Hui Tian ~ yes, this is not for detail ;)
thank you very much for the comments and visiting Hui Tian ~!!! :)

07-01-2004, 02:54 AM
Very nice style, like old book illustrations. I esp. like the pirate in front. The others
could do with a bit more detail. (gee, I sound like I'm just repeating the others here) : )

My main critic is that the girl looks like she's at some distance behind the pirate in front (because of the difference in size)... which is cool but it means she couldn't have cut of his ponytail like that. Maybe just skip the ponytail cutoff thing?

Also, does her thighs seem a little too wide? Not sure about that.

Nevertheless, lovely style and coloring!

07-02-2004, 05:19 AM
timmy911 ~ thank you very much for your good helpful crits, timmy911~!!! :)

Though there are many other helpful crits.
First of all, i have modified the ponytail and the right hand of the front pirate ( you can see at first post ).
And i will try for many other helpful crits in more development ;)

Thank you verrrry much all again ~!!! :)

07-02-2004, 07:45 PM
Hi pene,

I really like this piece too, I see u fixed the hair, before I had time to make a post...hehe. Great job in the lighting and colors btw. :)

Nice piece. ! I hope she kicks butt!

:wip: -Cat

07-04-2004, 05:26 AM
Hi cat33,

Thank you verrrrrrrrrry much cat33 ~!!! :)

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