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06 June 2004, 08:27 AM
Hi every one. Iím Ryan from Vancouver Film School

Animation : " DRAGON" Click this line to Download (29M) (

this is the title for animation ďDragonĒ

Itís test rendering for matching color and model and background.

I upload my new work which name is animation ďDragon.Ē It took two weeks. I used new technology; match moving And Global rendering. It supported that I can make a shot animation. Also I appreciate to my co-works. They took a part of modeling and animation. Thank all of them

There is the name BFX(Butterfly Effect) studio that I hope to make own studio name but now I just have a name. Maybe someday if I meet a good artist, I want to make this.

Ok we move on this work which made by 3Dmax6.0 rendered by V-ray and some composite tip and Match moving. Church is made by Korean; it looks like a Church of Notre Dame. I donít know why Korean makes same structure but it built in Seoul. So I used my Handy-cam which could take background sequence, so I composted building and creature. I wanted to show like a real thing. I give to you a share for Judging.

If you have a question and critics, you will make a post reply.

I like all of the critics. If you want to tell me something, you won't mind. I already prepare this.

Animation : " DRAGON" Click this line to Download (29M) (

Ryan ( ( )

06 June 2004, 08:34 AM
i Donīt download the animation because itīs a long time do it. But the picture shows a good results. The integration with the background itīs good. congratulations.

06 June 2004, 08:38 AM
I used sever from korea graphic community. It's the reason why It's late, but It's not quite long. If you have a time, would you wait for a while?
I want to show my new reel and lisen your critique. thx you show my post and wrote reply. I want to meet again in cgtalk

06 June 2004, 09:01 AM
really a nice animation. very good fire. and such a nice music. great :buttrock:

06 June 2004, 09:03 AM
the music from The load of Ring which is one of my favorite movie. and the fire from Illusion and composite real fire. thank arona. I get a power becouse of your reply~!

06 June 2004, 09:45 AM
Hey Ryan, pretty good stuff you have there. May main comment is on the hand held camera shake, specially on the shot of the dragon on top of the chatedral, it just doesnt fit with the style and the sound track, the first shots are ok, but the last sequence just looks too amateurish compared to the rest of the stuff, I would go for a static camera or maybe have a wider shot of dragon and chatedral and then cut to that extreme shot before the dragon breaths fire towards camera.

well done anyway.



06 June 2004, 09:52 AM
Hey Ryan, pretty good approach, but I have acouple of crits.
I would have liked to see the Dragon's detail some more, I can hardly judge on the modeling and texturing. The integration with the live footage looks really good to me, but the animation might need some tweaking as well. The flickering od the wings before he is landing on the roof is a nice touch, but far to much in my opinion. It looks a littlle overdone.
The first time I saw it I was realy surprised because you seemed to be HEAVY inspired by another "Dragon" animation I know :). It starts almost identically even the music is the same (I know it is from lord of the rings). You can download the animation here. (
Nevertheless good work.

06 June 2004, 04:40 PM
Hi tora2097, Thank your critic and your detail direction. I want to help your judge but I donít have close up shot because our storyboard didnít have plane to extreme close up. So we didnít mind quite detail modeling and texture. You know the Dragon creature which is very fast in the screen, It means that Dragon have lots of motion blur. Thatís the reason why we donít make detail shot; we more concentrate good match between real sequences and fake dragon.

Secondly, the origin films ďDragonsĒ (from Germany Film School). I knew that I followed their music because I wanted to get Dragon growling. And I inspirited their movie thatís true, I donít want to deny about this. I apologize this point but I didnít use commercial, It just my test animation reel for match moving. If you consist about copyright, I will more worry about ďthe load of ringĒ movie. I want to understand that reel is not commercial.

Thank your precise critics that I know my some mistakes.

06 June 2004, 05:18 PM
As I told you earlier, it's really good, and realistic! I love the way the wings move.. The air in the wings is so cool I love it!
Just keep up the good work!!


06 June 2004, 11:23 PM
Hi toma4d, I'm Ryan. so thank you very much for your reply. the wing is made by 3dmax reactor. the wing is sometime have a problem. but now is ok, we had to try many time for dragon wing. thx you love my works. I should try to make better work. thx

06 June 2004, 12:26 AM
Very fascinating

06 June 2004, 06:44 AM
thank you Iam4. You can feel fascinate that Itís honor to me.

06 June 2004, 02:07 PM
It's amazing~!! how can match the sequence~?

06 June 2004, 11:28 PM
hi It's supported by 2D3 Boujou which can make good composite. 2D3 Boujou can give a oppurtunity for matching seqences and that's easier than Realviz Matchmover. Mactchmover have a difficult coordinating but Boujou give a quite easy coordinating mathod. So it the reason why I used the Boujou.
If you want to WIP, I will prepare this. thx~!

06 June 2004, 02:15 PM
really cool low polly. keep up the work!

06 June 2004, 02:24 PM
i like it really

but i think its to short to have such an title in the end
dont you think

06 June 2004, 11:23 PM
Hi robin hood I'm Ryan~! I glad to meet you who are great thief. I like you, If you distribute your steel money, You won't forget me. So just plunk`!

ok, Thanks your critique, I also agree with you. the dragon animation is quite short. I want to make longer than it, But the dragon has a meaning which is match move test animation. so I more concentrated the facility not story. Therefore now I have a good technique which can make new reel. So I will make new animation reel which can support my technique from dragon animation. I think that will be better!

If I make to finish the animation. I will show in CGTALK that time, you donít forget my name~ ^_^ and I will want to listen your critique~!.. thx

06 June 2004, 03:37 AM
good job :bounce:

06 June 2004, 12:23 PM
takes endless to download
perhaps you find another server

06 June 2004, 02:52 PM
couldnt download it - took too long

06 June 2004, 10:05 PM
Hi, mino8. nice to meet you~!
First of all I thank you to your interesting and endure.
sorry my server is from Korea. so It's the reason why take a long time.
but server is not slow, 5min ago I also check the server. Now the server speed is ok.
in my case will take a 20min ( 20Kb/sec) in Vancouver.

So, I don't know where you are from but It's ok. if I make your angry, I will say to sorry.
however Would you show my reel? I want to heard your critique cause. I want to share the feeling.
If you don't mind, you should leave reply in CGTALK. see you again~!!

That's link for animation (

06 June 2004, 05:40 AM
Hi RAM..
nice to meet you.. YOU left Big messege. "good job~!". I very suprised because of you. thanks. I likeyour county mexico. My room mate is from middle-american. so I heard your country ; salsa, tequila and nacho. If I have a time, I will go to your country. thx.

06 June 2004, 07:32 AM
Hi Ryan. Call me Milo.

I downloaded your movie pretty fast - 6 mins. However I think that You should think about better compression.

Generally speaking I enjoyed Your film. Modeling, animation and textures are very good but I think you have problems with good composition. For example the film is very unbalanced. The texts take more time than the whole dragon flight which is bad imo. Also I think that the dragon is a bit too fast. I suggest you watching e.g. "Lords of the fire" where you will find great 3d animations of dragons. Also the ending music should be louder.

Despite that all small problems it's great ;)

06 June 2004, 08:55 AM
very nice work on the camera matching - seeing as that was the main point of the exercise, consider your mission acomplished.

The animation was very jerky, and the 2nd and 3rd shots were just WAY to fast. SHot 3, I dont even know what the Dragon was doing, it just suddenly rises up super fast. Shot 2 where it turns the corner, he turns extremely fast, think about how huge a dragon is, and how long it would take for it to be able to actualy DO these movements.

Also, the crazy skin on the wings, that skin is just going nutz. the first shot its ok, cause its going so fast, but in the final shot - I thought it looked terrible, its flapping around like crazy!!!
And the animation on its landing was pretty dodgey too.

But dont let the bad get you down, that was some kick ass Camera Matching!

06 June 2004, 09:59 AM
great movie, nothing else to say

ps: server ist ok dl-speed: ~400kb/s :D

06 June 2004, 12:23 PM
i had no problems with downloading the movie - it took me about 10 minutes.

not bad at all..

but i would work on the animation more. a specially on the wings - jiggles ;)

besides the camera work is terrible... compositing lacks some too


06 June 2004, 02:34 AM
Hi miro Nice to meet you.

I visited your site which have a great icon, so Thank you ~! Your icon.

I like it.. and your site is very beautiful~! Thank you all of thing.

And I remember your critique. In addition , I want to make a good quality compression movie. My dragon reel havenít good sound because Iím not sound maker. So, I donít know how to make great sound. Just follow and heard good sound from movie. And I have to watch again the movie ďLords of the fire" which is not my favorite movie. But I will watch and learn many thing. Thank miro, thank your critique~!

06 June 2004, 02:38 PM
Hi magician, i'm Ryan first of all thank your critique. the fast dragon is my purpose that we don't recognize what this is.

however we know that this is dragon. you also knew it, that's all. first shot is not modeling reel. Do you want a turn table reel?

and second is same methods because I don't want that people talk about dragon's figure in the reel. many dragon movie also selected

this style ; Always, Dragon appear last 30 min in the Hollywood movie. I want to follow that.

Ok I know my mistake but it's not kick ass camera matching. If you want to better critique, you will tell me how to make good match moving from your experience. I wanna listen in your case not just word; skin is crazy, looked terrible. If you have a solution, would you tell me what plug-in is better.

06 June 2004, 06:20 PM
I really like the compositing and rendering, flawless in my opinion.

I do think however that the animation is a bit too quick for such a big creature, the wingflap is also really cool but a bit too fast to my liking.

Good stuff!

06 June 2004, 11:49 PM
Hi shademaster. Nice to meet you~! Thanks your comment. I also agree with you that the animation have a little problem. Youíre right. Such big creatures have slow moving in the movie. And wing flap problem also I knew about this. Yeh thatís true. But that is not my parts. So I will tell about the story to my co-worker.

Maybe next animation will be better because of your critique~! Thank you for watching my animation~ ^_^

07 July 2004, 06:07 AM
great work~!

07 July 2004, 09:07 AM
This short is EXCELLENT!

Would you perhaps be interested in ORIGINAL music, and sound effects for this film? I would do it for free... if given permission to use the final film on my Music/Sound Design demo reel and website.

Thanks for your time!

07 July 2004, 05:33 AM
hi thank you. I sent a email. so I glad to meet a sound designer. I hope you make a good music. THANK YOU

07 July 2004, 02:22 AM
its a very good composite, but animation could be better..

07 July 2004, 02:24 AM
thank you ..

07 July 2004, 04:20 PM
Sweet work, love it!

07 July 2004, 06:55 PM

I just saw it.. yeah very cool... and low poly, but still delivers!

Well done!

07 July 2004, 07:09 PM
Uhm, this might be a stupid question, but I downloaded it, and didn't notice it to be and .exe file. I've got it on my HD now, but I can't open it. I tried, but it just gives this pop-up prompt window and then disapears. How to open the movie? I'm dying to see it :D

08 August 2004, 03:04 PM
Sweet dude I love dragons and this is no exception!!

08 August 2004, 05:03 PM
The animation is short.. But I want to try new technology.
thank you for watching my animation.

08 August 2004, 05:35 PM
What codec do I need, it wont work for me.

08 August 2004, 01:10 PM
What codec do I need, it wont work for me.
If your having troubble watching it try windows media player, it worked for me.

09 September 2004, 04:52 AM
Fantastic! Perfect work!

Ryan3D congratulations!!!

PS: by the way which the name of the last music of the video? I liked it very!

09 September 2004, 06:46 PM
:bounce: :deal: wow that was only crit is there was too much wind shimmer on the wings before the dragon landed other than that...WoW that was awsome:bounce: :deal:

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