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06 June 2004, 03:30 AM
This is the first time I've attempted to do anything like this, so I'm going to need abunch of critiques. :)

To learn more about my limited experience, click on the following link:


These are preliminary sketches of a beast I intend to model in Wings 3D:

First Sketch

This is my first drawing of the beast that shows the full body view from the left side. It is somewhat inspired by the "Turok" videogame, it that it resembles a humanoid-dinasaur. Armor covers the head, torso, shins, and achilles heel. I haven't decided on a color for the armor yet, but the texture will probably resemble brushed steel. The skin will probably be scaley.

*The beast is not grinning... I just drew in it's skull without skin for scale.

Head & Helmet

As you can see, I tried to make the helmet resemble a skull (eye shape, quasi-teeth, nose). The tail leaving the helmet passes through the protrusions of the two scapula. This restricts head movement. The ribbed portion of the helmet is covered cranially by the smoother portion. There is a small crest on top of the helmet that begins above the eyes and continues all the way to the end of the tail. There are holes for the eyes, ears, and nose.


Armor covers the entire torso except for the vertebral bumps on the back. There is a "plate" of armor for every vertebra. The chest plate is square in nature, and does not simulate the curviness of the pectoral muscles. The bottom of the armor only extends a few inches below the naval. The back is hunched, and the neck is longer than a normal human's.

Naked Leg

This is what the leg looks like without the armor. I only drew this to attempt to simulate the actual stance of the leg better than the first drawing. You can also see how raptor-inspired the foot is.

Armored Leg

This is the leg drawn with armor on it. The shin gaurd has crest running down the middle of the front that extends from top to bottom. The back of the leg is also covered in armor, and it extends down to the edge of the heel. There is a hole in the armor so that the highly modified dewclaw can poke through. Both toes also have plating surrounding them; however, there is a hole on the front-bottom portion of the armor so that the claws may poke through for grip or whatever. I have added a cloth covering the area between the beasts legs since the oringinal drawing.

I have not drawn a picture of the hands extended, but they are quite large with long/slender fingers.


Right now this is all I have. So, I would like to get some critiques on my character design, anatomy, and even previsualization techniques. Like I said, I'm a first timer. :)

I intend for this to be a long term project, so I'll be posting pics as I progress.

06 June 2004, 01:14 AM
hi tex, personally Im not an expert, but I found the overall picture strange, something does not fit, maybe if you make the creature 4 leged, or more human, from that view, I can see if it is a biped or a cuadruped. Also you should draw without the armor first.

06 June 2004, 02:03 AM
I think it is the standing on the ball of his looks very odd. He should be standing flat on his feet, or, if you are intending to have that look, make it more like the back leg of a dog, where the foot is big enough to support the weight, but has that joint halfway up where the shin would normally be.

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