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06 June 2004, 11:28 PM
Hi all!

First time I take part in a challenge and as everybody here, I hope I'll will be awarded. I am 19 years old, so that would be great to me who is starting in CG and searching for internships. That is not easy to keep motivated day to day, so I hope you will support me buddies !

My topic : create a really menacing original character inspired from movies. I my view, nobody is more menacing than an ultra-violent officer, scornful, vicous, no mooded... And that is worth when he rears it to his son. Yeah, I plane to create his 10 years old son too (maybe his wife later, evil). I would work on the relationship between the father officer and his awful son too. (Sorry, as english is not my main language, I have not the best/exact words to describe the spirit in which I am working) If I got the time, I would like to set a simple env/background made some elements, even blurry, jsut to play with ambiance, ligting, to present my character that's all.

All the images of my project avaliable at HERE (

As it is an original model, here are many references I work from. I got most of them or googe|images. But sure, an original work is not made of refs, but is build from own creativity and culture...

As Lekku told the competitors, I will post you the progression en receive your critics and feed backs to improve my model (and I thank you from advance) !

I am really happy to take part in this challenge ! Good topic Lekku

06 June 2004, 11:48 PM
So here is the officer model (2472 triangles). And his Luger pistol (245 triangles), he gives to he son in order to play with and shoot to someone if he want to (as this officer is too much dangerous, nobody will touch his son anyway) !

I am wondering if I should keep his eyes red, and emmit some particles from. So as when he turns his head, their are red lines drawn, and when he stays his glance keep misterious, menacing (he passed the ages, kind of immortal). I tried to break symetry giving a "leg made of wood" you know. But he loose power this way, so I leave this idea.

That is my first game art mesh, so maybe I am false to keep a high poly topology, but I do not think so, cause a good topology helps to manage the shape efficiently and helps to reduce polygons (keeping only the shape-useful ones). Most UVs are deployed (not all correct yet), get hard with the head. I am wondering f I should connect the boots to the pants mesh. Don't worry, I will improve the normal smoothing if needed. Let's spot proportions mistakes! ... A bit confused message, sorry.

06 June 2004, 02:34 AM
I think what you have so far is fantastique. I really love the angular look of this guy. If that isn't your intention then thats to bad because he looks very menacing all square like. I like the even distribution of the tris. If you want feed back on proportions then I'd say scale up the hands and feet, and stretch out the legs and torso a little. In comparison the head looks large, but a hat like that is probably playing a bit. It looks very stylised right now though so why not leave the proportions to match? Make an equally stylised texture?

Great stuff!:beer:

06 June 2004, 11:38 PM
Thanks a lot for comments Gamoron.
I have correct my model from your advises and that is better now. Yeah, modeling this way is right my intention. I love when it goes from a curved surface to a straight line you know. If it is something other you loved in my modelign style, let me know. At the beginning, I though it was too much academic, but no, that's right as I want to.

Create stylizised textures
(appropiated to the modeling) you have a good idea ! I have to thing about it, in my view, for a such as model, stylizised texture would me simple/smart, other would do it trash/explosice, let me know how you would have do it Gamoron! It would be great to experiment as I have no habits at texturing (since I am really not experienced in).

The officer arrogant son model
I've found on a cool page from a classsic drawing book that the male proportions from born to adulthood. So I modeled the son from daddy mesh. I may work again on his hair. If he is not totaly shaved yet, that is thanks/because of his mother who don't want it for now. I worked on the awkward aspect of the child through round head, big ears, to much big boots, belt... Spot eventual corrections.

1) I am wondering If I should join/merge meshes. Need a reply!
- Pant|boot (that is cool to have the boots separated for the son model)
- jacket parts (which is not closed)
- jacket|shirt collar
- Close the holes at sleeves, jacket hips, etc...

2) Game comp... Does it mean composition (scene) or competition Lekku?
So how do we have to present our model? I am wondering how is that needed to pose the character. I have an idea of posing that would require a rig (even a simple one), but I do not want to. And what about scenary?

ToDo list
-Validate the models
--Eventual polycounts scale up (I still repect the budget)
--Join/merge meshes (wait for you replies)
--Merge symetric meshes
--Correct naming
--Add rank at the officer cap

-Layout UV set

--Do research about style
--Do research about colors
--Repear the tablet (pen broken)
--Feel confident

-Improve normals

-Final images
--Simple scenary/background/perspective
--Creative lighting (from this one maybe)
--Particle emmition from eye (simple sprite)
--Posing between the officer father and his son arroung the gun

06 June 2004, 09:34 AM
The UVs are fixed now, just some problems on the face and have to correct the child pant UV transfer. I've found a good workflow to set the UVs easier and quicker. I will lay it out on a 1024 square area later (wait for mesh joining/merging replies).

06 June 2004, 09:53 AM
Thats looking excellent! Nice style, nice modeling, and i very neat smoothing groups / hard edges - they really add to the shape.
They seem to have been modeled extremely quickly though - were they built before the comp was announced?

Looking forward to that texture map...

06 June 2004, 10:26 AM
Love the jackets :thumbsup: Face is also well done!
The luger looks a little strange though... don't know what's up with it.

06 June 2004, 07:09 PM
Andy H : Thanks so much for congrats ! That is really modtivating. No, nothing was modeled before the challenge began, I started from nothing but yeah I modeled them quiclly (knowing I modeled the son from dadday's mesh).

Razorwolf : Thanks ! I like the jacket too. About the luger, I checked for more refs (and they are a lot on this gun) but I spotted nothing wrong.

I have closed many mesh parts (collar, sleeves, kacket parts, boots ...) I've laid out the UVs (got some problem in Maya to get easly several mesh sharing the same UV set and nobody could help me). I have to texture it now (a friend of mine may give me the best Wacom (a huge one) for a week-end !!!)

07 July 2004, 05:46 PM
cool to see more of your work nicool, j'ai hate de voir ce que tu fais en texture.

Bonne chance !

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