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06 June 2004, 02:19 AM
I've been looking for some information but havn't had any luck finding it so I thought I'd ask here.

I'm looking for information on printed animation. What I'm talking about is like a baseball card that changes it's picture depending on the angle you're looking from. So, say it's a picture of a batter, as you turn the card you'll see the guy swing the bat. I know I've seen this stuff before in other non-baseball card media but I can't remember any other examples off the top of my head.

If anyone knows what I'm talking about, I'm looking for how exactly it works, what it's called and possibly who can print it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

06 June 2004, 03:49 AM
They're called holograms.

just type hologram in google and have fun

06 June 2004, 07:36 AM
Excellent. Thanks a bunch. While it's not exactly what I was looking for, it did point me in the right direction. For anyone else who might be interested, the exact method I was thinking of is called lenticular photography. you can check out how it works at (
Thanks again.

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