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06 June 2004, 07:28 PM
Hey all, I'm new to this site but not really new to Max. However, I am puzzled by something and maybe some of you could help.

"UOmniFlect, the universal omniflector, provides more options than the original UDeflector. This space warp lets you use any other geometric object as a particle deflector. The deflections are face accurate, so the geometry can be static, animated, or even morphing or otherwise deforming over time."

This leads me to believe that UOmniFlect can make any animated object become a deflector. I have simulated a cylinder bending (acting as an arm) and made another cylinder over it with a flex modifier acting as clothing. However, the UomniFlect doesn't seem to support the bending of the "arm", even though the Max help file says the Flex Modifier supports UOmniFlect.

Could anyone tell me where I'm going wrong or whether I'd be better off using SimCloth?? Thanks!

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